The Absolute Best Nachos In NYC

Let's talk about nachos: A shareable snack that you can enjoy when you're out enjoying a drink out with friends. And, depending on the number of toppings you'd like to add, Nachos are also a perfect solution for a quick meal. What started out as a classic tortilla chip recipe topped with cheese and olives in Northern Mexico during the 1940s, according to Nacho Hippo, has evolved into a classic bar food that is also served in restaurants as an appetizer. 

Nachos, in all of their crunchy, cheesy, seasoned, or refried bean goodness, now contain many ingredients like meats, varying sauces, and garnishes like cilantro, onion, or fresh tomato. New York City, with the largest population in the United States, is home to many tasty plates of nachos, whether you're on the lookout for a quick, classic option, a Tex-Mex version, or an elevated, creative approach to the dish. Although there aren't a ton of ways to reinvent this simple eat, there are some spots in New York that serve the kind of nachos that meet all the requirements for a satisfying bite out on the town. 

Mexicue: Various locations in Manhattan

Mexicue was born out of a used FedEx vehicle. It was first a food truck with a street-food-meets-fine-dining vibe created by one of Mexicue's founders Thomas Kelly. The spot has three locations in Manhattan. The restaurant's theme is Mexican barbecue, and it serves up a pretty solid plate of nachos.

$16.95 will get you a helping of classic nachos: Though it is on the pricier side, this full-on meal consists of tortilla chips resting beneath slow-cooked black beans, topped with pickled peppers prepared in-house, guajillo chili salsa and salsa verde, guacamole drizzled with poblano queso and sprinkled with cotija. 

If you're feeling adventurous, you can add picadillo or the burnt ends brisket for an additional $4 (via the menu). And if you're plant-based, you can enjoy a similar order with smoky cashew queso instead, minus the cotija.

What do satisfied customers have to say about Mexicue's nachos? According to one 5-star Yelp review, the nachos are perfectly dreamy. The queso is abundant without being greasy. If you're willing to bring your nacho budget up a few dollars, don't let Mexicue slip your mind. 

Aunt Ginny's: Ridgewood, Queens

Are you in the mood for a night out at an offbeat neighborhood joint with warm, lively vibes and, of course, crazy delicious nachos? Aunt Ginny's in Ridgewood, Queens, serves delectable crispy and fried foods from its pop-up, I Like Food, located at the back of its bar. And its nachos are everything you'd want while enjoying a drink or two.

The first batch of nachos listed on the menu is naturally vegetarian, featuring crispy tortillas below dollops of avocado cream, sour cream, chipotle mayo, pickled jalapeño, red onion, and of course, a layer of jack cheese and cilantro, topped with cotija and lime. Options include adding pernil, bacon, or vegan carne. Substitute the jack cheese for vegan cashew queso and take away the sour cream for a mouthwatering plant-based experience.

These nachos boast a nearly 5-star rating on Google reviews. One customer mentions that the nachos are the absolute best. Another Yelp reviewer writes that it's the flavor mashups that make this dish so delicious. Another reviewer added that these nachos offer a wonderful vegan option. So if you find yourself in the quaint neighborhood of Ridgewood, Queens, don't miss out on a visit to Aunt Ginny's. 

The Commodore: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

If you're on the lookout for a fresh take on a decent mound of nachos, then consider immersing yourself in the divey, laid-back restaurant and bar, The Commodore, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This restaurant specializes in Southern eats and nautical vibes. New York Magazine gives it an overall rating of "very good," and considering its nacho selection, it's no wonder why.

The kitchen is open until 2 am, and the "Cadillac Nachos" are vegetarian, covered in queso with jalapeños, and include refried pinto beans, tomato, onion, and a coat of sour cream, as seen on its menu. This decadent plate arrives with additional toppings, including radishes, cilantro, and shreds of lettuce. The vegetables really enhance this  classic nacho dish, and the vegetables give it a remarkable extra freshness, according to a Youtube review by Eater. 

A 5-star Yelp review deems its nachos the very best and advises that customers definitely order some of these excellent nachos. Another customer admits to only frequenting this establishment for the nachos. For $15, this hefty plate of joy is worth the splurge. 

Javelina: Union Square and Upper East Side

We heard you're craving Tex-Mex-style nachos. Once again, New York will not disappoint if you're willing to hit up Javelina, a Tex-Mex joint with two locations in Manhattan. Matt Post opened this joint in 2015, as he desired to create a Tex-Mex experience for New Yorkers based on his favorite Tex-Mex restaurants in Dallas, according to the website.

Javelina's nachos feature your choice of refried or black beans and also include cheese, jalapeño peppers pickled in-house, guacamole, pico de gallo, and a drop of sour cream. If you're extra hungry, you can include beef, chorizo, chicken, brisket, steak, or shrimp as a protein or sautéed vegetables as a topping. The base nachos are modestly priced at $12, and the optional additions range from $3 to $6 (as per the menu). 

This restaurant is sending nacho-hungry people over the moon. One Yelp reviewer writes that Javelina is their go-to for nachos. Another reviewer confesses to enjoying the enchiladas and the nachos, while yet another praises Javelina's innovative approach. One happy Texan confirms that her nachos were perfect. 

Taqueria Casa Imelda: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Another Tex-Mex nacho option lies in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. This restaurant offers several options to pick from, and you won't be disappointed by your choice to give yourself away to this cozy, colorful eatery.

Taqueria Casa Imelda's nachos include five different versions ranging from a little under $12 to $15, according to its menu. The cheapest option is the fajita nachos, coated with a hot, melted cheese blend, sautéed onions, salsa, sour cream, scallions, and black olives on top. 

You can also choose the "Macho Nachos" option, which features the same ingredients, this time with pinto and black beans. Adding chicken and corn or enjoying the simple ground beef nachos with cheese, lettuce, and sour cream is also possible. If you'd just like cheese, refried beans, sour cream, and guacamole, go for the "Supreme Nachos."

The people have spoken, and Taqueria Casa Imelda's prices are keeping nacho lovers happy as the restaurant bears nearly 5 stars overall. One Yelp reviewer writes that this joint is very affordable. Another customer agrees that these nachos offer incredible value. If you simply can't turn your back on the idea of getting nachos, here is yet another sign to live your best foodie life. 

Gueros: Crown Heights and Park Slope, Brooklyn

If your goal is to find "modern, Mexican cuisine in a fun and friendly pub atmosphere," then search no further than Gueros' in Crown Heights and Park Slope, Brooklyn.  Gueros is casual in setting, and it aims to keep a traditional Mexican menu that's friendly for those who follow gluten-free and vegan diets. The meat doesn't contain hormones or antibiotics, so if you're a conscious meat eater in search of nachos, add Gueros to your list.

Though the menu doesn't particularly detail its nacho selection, the nachos are topped with classic ingredients like cheese, pico de gallo, avocado, and cilantro. You may add meat for a total of $15 or shrimp for $16: The vegetarian option rests at $11.

Nacho eaters are proud to call Gueros the best nachos in New York City. One Yelp reviewer asserts that the nachos are big enough to share, particularly if ordered with steak or chicken. Another reviewer states that these are the best nachos in the city and that they're topped with diced tomatoes, sliced avocados, and melted cheese. Another customer writes that Gueros is their favorite nacho spot and that they have been going there for six years to enjoy the picadillo nachos with steak and cheddar cheese 

Raìz: East Village, Manhattan

If you've decided to abandon meat for a day, then Raìz in the East Village of Manhattan awaits you. Raìz boasts an everything-vegan menu. This restaurant is your plant-based friendly stop for an incredible warm batch of nachos. It features a menu brought to life by chef Jesus Villafan(via VegOut). The restaurant's mission is to shed light on environmental issues, beginning with serving plant-based foods and including meat replacements without compromising the overall tastiness.

The nachos at Raìz's can be found under the specialty section of its menu. Raìz's nacho plate comes with tortilla chips that hide below vegan nacho cheese sauce, guacamole, vegan sour cream, black beans, pico de gallo, jalapeños, and vegan cotija cheese. These go for a little under $15.

And the restaurant has got bragging rights, too. The establishment has an overall 5-star rating on Yelp. One reviewer tells us that the cheese quality is really good. Another writes that they love the vegan cheese sauce. Reviewers also praise the nachos for their freshness and flavor. If the spirit of a solid nacho plate doesn't sell you, we're not sure what else will.

Treadwell Park: Upper East Side and Downtown Manhattan

If you're in the mood for a restaurant-bar slash game night with your friends, you can enjoy nachos along with communal tables and a photo booth at Treadwell Park. The restaurant is located in New York City's Upper East side and downtown Manhattan. In the nacho dish, each chip is prepared separately with all nacho ingredients for an easy, clean bite, unlike your traditional messy platter of cheese-heavy tortillas: Think nacho à la hors d'œuvre, courtesy of chef Antelmo Ambrosio. 

Treadwell Park's nachos don't fall short in terms of depth of flavor. The smoked pork option stands alone on the nacho menu, and it consists of tortilla chips sustaining a bed of pork smoked in-house, followed by a layer of pepper jack cheese, guacamole, ancho chili salsa, jalapeños, and cilantro as a garnish. If you don't mind spending a few extra bucks, a helping of these will cost you $22.

What's the general consensus from the outside world? One Foursquare review states that the restaurant has incredibly good fries and nachos and that it's a fun place to father. Another reviewer confirms that the pork nachos are amazing. If you'd like to treat yourself, think about indulging at Treadwell Park.

Don Pepe Tortas Y Jugos: Sunset Park, Brooklyn

If you're on a tight budget and want a decent portion of classic nachos, consider Don Pepe Tortas Y Jugos. This Mexican restaurant-deli and bodega is a strong choice if your goal is to place an order for pick up, particularly if you happen to be in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. 

While its tortas put this establishment on the map, many customers rate these are the best tortas they've had in Brooklyn via Foursquare. The restaurant also offers nachos, which may be basic but do not miss the mark.

For $10, you'll be able to purchase your fix of nachos: Tortilla chips lying beneath refried beans with a layer of Monterey jack cheese, guacamole, and jalapeños as a garnish, as seen on its menu.

One customer on Yelp states that they were impressed by the fact that the chips remain crisp despite the toppings. Another reviewer explains that the nachos and the guacamole are made fresh. If your wallet is on your mind, consider stopping by Don Pepe Tortas Y Jugos and make sure you pick up an order of nachos.

Taqueria Diana: Brooklyn and Manhattan

If you're on the hunt for choices galore, then Taqueria Diana has got you covered. It's perfect for an afternoon munch or energetic night vibes, and the menu lists six different types of nachos. 

The queso nachos are vegetarian, with base ingredients of cheese, black, pinto, or refried beans and salsa. A second vegetarian option is available with the Rajas Nachos, which consist of grilled poblano pepper, onion, and corn added on top of the nachos. 

If you're feeling carnivorous, you can choose between spit roast, chicken, pork, or steak nachos. Pickled jalapeños, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, and hot sauce can all be additions to your tortilla chip feast, as well: Not bad for a $12 to $16 price range.

What are people saying? One Trip Advisor review confirms that Taqueria Diana offers delicious house-cut corn chips that are accompanied by a range of salsas with differing heat levels. Another tells us that the prices are great and that the nachos platter is perfect for two people or one, depending on your appetite. 

Empellón: Various locations in Manhattan

A tortilleria walks into a tequila bar and meets a hot spot known as Empellón. Former pastry-chef-turned-Mexican-food-expert Alex Stupak's joint can be found in both Manhattan's East and West Villages, Murray Hill, and the Waterline Square neighborhoods (via Robb Report.)

This place, rated "very good" by New York Magazine, is known for its homemade salsa piquant, which is combined with the tortillas (also made in-house) to create the perfect, cheesy, saucy tortilla chip dish. 

According to the Al Pastor menu (menus can vary by location), $14 will get you a serving of their nachos, and you can add red chile pork or chicken at $2 each. Visit the flagship location, and you can try the restaurant's crab nachos

One Yelp review implies that the chorizo is a must-have on the nachos. One enthusiastic reviewer states that Empellón Al Pastor's indulgent tortilla dish is life-giving. If you'd like to experience these for yourself, then add this restaurant to your to-do list.