Burger King's New Mexican Chicken Sandwich May Have Just Been Leaked

The chicken is out of the bag when it comes to an upcoming offering from Burger King. This week, a leak appeared to reveal what the fast food chain will be up to next. This isn't so surprising: Links confirming new menu items have been a regularity since social media came to its height. A few months ago, documentation was provided on the r/Wendys subreddit that spilled the fries on the brand's new additions. A company document was leaked by the original poster, who pointed out the line, "Italian Mozzarella Sandwich and Garlic Fries Launch November 15."

Basically the same thing happened last year to Taco Bell, when a Redditor posted a marketing bulletin online. The image revealed the addition of the cantina crispy melt taco, a cheesy gordita crunch combo, chicken wings, and a new beverage. Hilariously, responders didn't know how to feel about the concept of chicken wings at a Tex-Mex chain. "Chicken wings? We lost the grilled stuffed burrito and lava sauce for this?" one comment read.

This time, the subject of the leak is Burger King, which will be trying out a new spin on a classic at the start of the year.

An employee confirmed its release

A new Burger King item has been revealed, and Reddit has once again served as the leaky window. Last week, an employee of the store shared a photo announcing a new "Mexican Original Chicken Sandwich." "Shush don't tell anyone, ok?" read the caption. When replying to a comment, OP said the sandwich will be debuting early January, a fact The Fast Food Post confirmed by calling a local store. According to the outlet, the sandwich will include a breaded chicken breast, ghost pepper cheese, fried jalapenos, and a sesame seed bun. Its price is set for approximately $5.99.

On another thread, Redditors questioned if the sandwich should be considered Mexican. "Doesn't really sound very 'Mexican,' unless you think Taco Bell is Mexican," one comment read. Another said though the chicken creation is not Mexican, they still think it "sounds bomb." One poster made a joke likely on others' minds. "Add jalapenos to anything and it becomes 'Mexican,'" they wrote. Though the exact release date isn't confirmed, people will be able to decide what they think of the sandwich on their own early next year.