Guy Fieri Hilariously Made Himself Into An Avatar Character

Thirteen years after the revolutionary first "Avatar" film debuted, the much-anticipated and heavily promoted sequel hit theaters on December 16, 2022. From trailers and radio ads, to Pandora Flakes and the Amazon Avatar theme skill, the advertisements in the months leading up to the release date were hard to miss. 

Among the social media promotions was Snapchat's Avatar Lens filter that allows you to see yourself as a Na'vi character, but Chef Guy Fieri took the transformation a step further. On his @Flavortown Twitter account, he shared what appears to be a photoshopped image of himself as a Na'vi character to promote a 2025 faux installment of the series. The name of the film? "Avatar: The Way of Flavor," of course.

As a Na'vi character, his signature spiky hair and mismatched facial hair are still visible, complementing his pointy ears, yellow eyes, cat-like nose, and iridescent blue skin. Fans were quick to share their thoughts of the transformation on the image.

What did fans have to say about Guy Fieri as a Na'vi character?

The tweet, which showed Chef Guy Fieri as a Na'vi character, has amassed more than 5,000 likes and counting, with more than 445 retweets. One fan replied, "Okay, but why that Robert Pattinson in Good Time?" Others also noted the resemblance between Fieri as a Na'vi character and the "Twilight" star. Another follower said Fieri looks like Dante from "Clerks." One respondent said he'd pay to see the film, if it were real, while another commented, "700 tickets please."

The official Avatar website claims there are actually three more sequels of the popular James Cameron franchise planned, all of which are expected to drop in December. The third film will hit theaters in 2024, the fourth in 2026, and the fifth and final installment in 2028. Sadly, none of those films are expected to feature Guy Fieri as one of the Na'vi, but at least we know what he'd look like if he were in an "Avatar" film.