Here's Why You Need To Be Spiralizing Beets

By now, we're all well familiar with the spiralizer craze, with everybody having different preferences when it comes to the best spiralizers. While regular pasta is certainly a crowd-favorite, spiralizing plain ol' veggies make for a great low-carb alternative. That being said, not all veggies work for spiralizing, especially if you're using a manual or electric spiralizer, which only works on certain sizes or shapes of veggies.

So what should you keep in mind when looking for veggies to spiralize? According to Inspiralized, you should opt for medium to large veggies, as these will make longer noodles. You should also opt for sturdier veggies that fit securely in your spiralizer and will hold their shape once spiralized, like zucchini or carrots. Conversely, avoid spiralizing softer veggies like eggplant, as they won't keep their shape for long once cut into noodles, according to All Recipes.

With all that said, you might be wondering what makes a beet so great for spiralizing. Well, as it turns out, there are countless reasons why you should try spiralizing beets.

Spiralized beets have versatile uses

Beets make a great choice for spiralizing because they're large, so a single beet can make enough noodles for a family of nearly four to enjoy as a side dish, per The Kitchen and a Latte. Additionally, beets hold their shape well and are very easy to cook. Although you may not have known that you could turn beets into noodles, they're as versatile as regular pasta, with endless possibilities for entrées and side dishes.

One simple and delicious way to prepare spiralized beets is by cooking them in olive oil and seasoning them with salt, pepper, lime juice, and cilantro. When it comes to spiralized beets, you don't necessarily have to cook them. You can also enjoy raw beet noodles if the texture doesn't bother you. This spiralized beet salad recipe doesn't require cooking. All you need to do is simply spiralize your beets and let them marinate in a nice vinaigrette for a couple of hours before serving them with ricotta salata and toasted pistachios. 

Regardless of the recipe you choose, be prepared for a mess as beet juice can stain, so you'll want to clean up as quickly as possible.