Caviar Went From A Luxury Item To A TikTok Snack In 2022

When asked what caviar is, most people would simply say "fish eggs." While this is factually correct, it barely scratches the luxurious surface of what it actually entails. Per Gourmet Food Store, caviar can't be made from just any fish — it has to be sturgeon, which is primarily found in the Caspian Sea of Russia and Iran. Sturgeon, a saltwater migratory fish that can weigh up to 60 pounds, was once knighted as the "Royal Fish" by the British, making it so that only the elite could enjoy it.

According to Masterclass, the rarity of caviar is what makes it so expensive. Sturgeons can take seven to 20 years to start laying eggs, and once they reach this age, they only lay eggs once every few years. Furthermore, it only lasts a few weeks on the shelf after preparation, and the process of harvesting the actual eggs from the sturgeon is done completely by hand. All those factors are what makes caviar cost nearly $3,500 per pound.

Interestingly though, caviar wasn't always a product of luxury. Per Solex Catsmo, it was once served as an appetizer in America to spark customers' taste buds due to its salty flavor. And it looks like we are returning to those days, as many TikTok users this year have adopted caviar as their own snack.

An influencer started a caviar trend

In November, TikToker @dzaslavsky sparked a newfound interest in caviar by sharing a video in which she spreads caviar on fitness bread. In the clip, she explains that caviar shouldn't be spread with a metal spoon or it would alter the taste "within seconds" due to its delicacy. As it turns out, Danielle knows so much about caviar because her family owns Marky's — a gourmet grocery store in New York City that specializes in the delicacy.

After Danielle's video went viral, other TikTok users filmed themselves trying caviar for the first time with the hashtag #daniellemademedoit. One video, shared by @msmartine.e, racked up 44.2K likes and 983 comments since early this month. In this video, TikToker Martine said that Danielle's caviar video had her in a "chokehold," and she enlisted her coworker to try it with her. Upon trying the snack, they were immediately satisfied. "Danielle wins," Martine exclaimed.

Tons of commenters expressed their desire to try the concoction for themselves. "See now I have to get the caviar!" one commenter wrote. One comment read, "When I'm at Whole Foods tomorrow I'm gonna blame all 3 of y'all!" While this trend may not change caviar's price, it could definitely have something new to say about America's eating habits.