Taco Bell's 'Extra Ice' Instagram Post Totally Backfires

We all know that there are plenty of major flops in Taco Bell's history, from the chain's seafood salad to its Cheetos burrito — which was so bad, according to E! News, that it never went any further than a test market in Cincinnati.

But we aren't here to talk about Taco Bell's many food fails. Let's talk about Taco Bell's use of social media. Per Insider, one 2017 Taco Bell commercial prompted extreme backlash after customers accused the chain of being "racist." Taco Bell re-edited and apologized for the commercial. Much more recently, Reddit was destroying Taco Bell's Pete Davidson ad, with some Reddit users describing the ad as "cringey" and worthy of being "canceled."

That being said, not everything Taco Bell shares on social media is inflammatory in a super-serious manner. For instance, the chain recently posted about "[asking] for extra ice" on Instagram, and although people were still mad, we can probably agree this isn't on the same level as accusations of racism.

Why is Instagram so pressed over Taco Bell's 'extra ice' post?

Unless you've ordered water or you just like eating ice, you may not want to ask for "extra ice" in your drink. Who wants a watered-down pop or lemonade, right? Needless to say, Taco Bell failed to take this into account when it posted on Instagram about this very dilemma.

The Instagram post, captioned, "When you ask for extra ice," shows three Taco Bell Baja Blast drinks and a bag of food sitting in a snowbank. While we get the idea, it's safe to say no one was amused. One person commented, "And then there's 90% ice and 9% of the drink and 1% chemicals." Someone else asked, "Who would ever ask for extra ice?" while others said they always asked for "no ice."

One Instagram user took it a step further, writing, "I bet the snow is cleaner than the ice machines at Taco Bell." Good thing you're asking for extra ice, Taco Bell, because you're going to need it for that burn. But on a more serious note, you may want to consider never getting ice in your drink because ice machines may be breeding grounds for mold and other bacteria, per Food Safety Magazine.