Reddit Is Destroying The New Pete Davidson Taco Bell Ad

Taco Bell recently launched a new ad campaign with 21st-century stoner comedian Pete Davidson (via MovieWeb). It seems like a natural marriage for the famed stoner food of countless generations, which was named High Times Perfect Stoner Restaurant in 2018.

The television and streaming iteration of the new Pete Davidson-Taco Bell ad campaign is fairly mundane (via YouTube). We watch Davidson walk through a Taco Bell making a mock apology video, helping Taco Bell apologize for taking their breakfast menu too far over imagery of some over-the-top vintage creations like a waffle taco and a fried egg taco. Then Davidson describes the ingredients of the new breakfast crunchwrap, suggests to the nonplussed and slightly annoyed cashier that they should make that, and the punchline, he's told that they already do. Pretty innocuous. It conveys the information you need, "fluffy eggs", shredded cheese, hash browns, sausage patty, and all wrapped up in a warm tortilla, and gets a few jokes in. It makes sense as a commercial.

However, they've got another ad in the campaign that may be destined to be one of the biggest flops in Taco Bell's history.

Flipped-over of flop?

Of course, whether this viral ad is a flop or not is all in how you look at it. Admittedly, Taco Bell Reddit is a pretty busy place. Taco Bell has some seriously devoted fans, and they love to take to the orange and white pages of Reddit to air their joys and frustrations, like when Redditors were disturbed by this Taco Bell quesadilla order. But the TV ad's weirdo Reddit counterpart is setting boards ablaze across Reddit, including r/mildlyinfuriating, r/TrueOffMyChest, and r/YouShouldKnow. None of those sound like places you want to be.

The video apparently streams on Reddit's app in a rather relentless fashion, with some users claiming to have been shown the ad upward of 50 times in a single day. In the video, Davidson is seated in a cramped interior giving a "review" of the breakfast crunchwrap. Sounds innocent enough. Regretfully, the entire review is underscored by the graphic detail of Davidson chewing with his mouth open. "Watching him eat and talk with his mouth full makes me so viscerally uncomfortable," replied one Redditor. Meanwhile, the top comment on one board reads, "Bro needs to learn how to chew with his mouth closed."

One savvy Redditor made an obvious point. "We're talking about it right?" u/TheAJGman wrote. "That means it worked." Any publicity is good publicity, right? Disgruntled Taco Bell fans also claim the ad is unblockable, adding to the annoyance. Notably, however, you just can't block the ad itself. Supposedly, you can successfully stop the disturbing ad by going to the user, u/realtacobell, and blocking the account.