TikTok Related Hard To Julia Fox's Banana Bread Recipe

For a long time, celebrities have been idolized and seen as superhuman, but in reality, they are just like everyday people — most of them are, at least. Oftentimes, celebrities are seen as untouchable, but that idea was shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic, per Insider. It affected all of us, including celebrities, and forced us to stay home to combat the virus. During the pandemic, many of us began using social media more and more, either as a way to stay in touch with friends and family during the pandemic or as a way to distract ourselves by watching TikToks. Many celebrities began jumping on the TikTok bandwagon and giving us "normal" people a glimpse into their lives.

One celebrity that a lot of people find surprisingly relatable is Julia Fox. Fox rose to stardom after starring in "Uncut Gems" with Adam Sandler and Idina Menzel (via IMDb), and she also garnered a lot of attention from her relationship with rapper Kanye West, per The Cut. However, her fans seem to really appreciate her lack of a facade like other celebrities put on. She's quite active on TikTok and shows her life as it really is, tackling topics such as politics and her life as a single mom, with a messy living room in the background, making videos while soaking in a bathtub, and sharing her banana bread recipe.

Julia Fox uses chocolate chips from Aldi just like the rest of us

Julia Fox posted a TikTok video to her page in November 2022 showing her fans what she does with her "yucky bananas," which were looking quite brown and ripe in her TikTok. As opposed to throwing them away, Fox decided to make banana bread, and her fans appreciated her relatable recipe. She walked us through a pretty typical banana bread recipe, mixing together various ingredients including butter, sugar, bananas, eggs, flour, salt, baking soda, chocolate chips, and vanilla and almond extracts.

One fan with a keen eye noticed that Fox actually used Baker's Corner semi-sweet chocolate chips from Aldi, to which they commented "Ummmm are those ALDI chocolate chips?! Love her." Several other TikTok users noted how normal her apartment looked and how relatable she was overall. Another thing that intrigued a lot of commenters was when Fox added the eggs to her banana bread mixture, she took a few moments to remove the "white guts" from the raw eggs and called herself weird for doing it. However, a lot of fans commented that they do the same thing and get called weird for it, too. The white, slimy part she removed is actually called chalazae, or chalaza, and is a naturally forming part of an egg that helps keep the yolk centered inside, per What's Cooking America.