Kool-Aid Fried Chicken Is TikTok's Newest Sensation

For many, Kool-Aid is a beloved blast from the past. A single sip of this brightly-hued beverage can transport you right back to your childhood. Ask most kids and they'll tell you that everything's better with Kool-Aid. Apparently, even chicken wings — according to TikTok, it's a real thing. 

It really shouldn't come as a big surprise. TikTok, after all, has introduced the masses to many oddball concoctions. For instance, one such bizarre brainchild was yayayayummy's TikTok post espousing the deliciousness of yellow mustard slathered on watermelon. This unlikely watermelon and mustard combo sounded disgusting to some, but PureWow said that it was "inexplicably satisfying" and somewhat like a "lime-spritzed melon salad," but with a stronger bite. 

Not all TikTok pairings are an instant hit though. When TikTok user bestfriendsforfrosting decided to whip up a batch of Kool-Aid pickles, she said they were likely an "acquired taste" and she wouldn't be making them again any time soon. So, the jury is out on Kool-Aid chicken wings. Sure, they have lots of people talking, but what are they saying? Do wing fans perceive this beverage-flavored poultry to be a friend or foe? 

Kool-Aid chicken wings are said to taste weird

When Michael Ligier posted his Tik Tok video about Kool-Aid fried chicken wings, it garnered five million views. Clearly, the public was fascinated by this off-the-wall combination. But was it good? He smothered his chicken in a syrup made with Kool-Aid and chili flakes and declared that the final product had a "really weird taste" and that he'd wrecked some otherwise decent chicken wings. Several commenters lamented his choice of cherry Kool-Aid mix, saying he should have used grape or watermelon. 

Blatant Reviews wasn't a fan of these either. On his YouTube channel, he prepared his own version of Kool-Aid fried wings. His, however, turned out a neon turquoise (the flavor remains a mystery.) They, apparently, tasted as bad as they looked as he rated it a minus 1000 out of 5. 

While it would appear that this particular Tik Tok combo won't be hitting restaurants near you any time soon, it has likely made you curious. Perhaps, you're already contemplating your own trial run using your favorite popular Kool-Aid flavor. Sharkleberry Fin fried chicken, anyone?