Del Taco's Fan-Favorite Orange Cream Shake Is Back For A Limited Time

Many of our favorite fast food menu items only being available for a short time is a hard truth that we just have to accept and hope that one day they return. Luckily, some fast food chains listen to their fans and actually do bring back popular menu items, sometimes even permanently. An example is Taco Bell's Mexican pizza, which the chain brought back as a permanent menu item on September 15, 2022 (via Taco Bell) after over 170,000 fans signed a petition for the Mexican pizza to come back.

Popular fast food chain Del Taco is no exception. Del Taco hinted at the return of its beloved Orange Cream Shake as early as December 8, 2022 on its Twitter account, where the chain posted a GIF of an orange spinning in place with the text "Loading ... launches on 12/22." Fans in the comments were extremely excited, and comments ranged from "WE DID IT!!!" and "I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! HOLY SH*T I LOVE YOU!" TO "I AM NOW DEL TACOS BIGGEST FAN[.] I LOVE DEL TACO." Here's what you need to know about Del Taco's returning orange cream shake.

Del Taco listened to its fans pleas for the orange cream shake's return

On December 21, 2022, Del Taco officially confirmed the return of the orange cream shake also on Twitter, tweeting "We heard you LOUD and clear! Orange Cream Shake is making a comeback but only for a limited time." According to Foodsided, fans have been waiting for the return of Del Taco's orange cream shake for eight years, and the chain will offer the orange cream shake in three different sizes: large for $4.89, regular for $4.19, and mini for $1.69. To achieve that orange creamsicle flavor, a vanilla shake is mixed with orange Fanta syrup, per Del Taco.

First introduced in 2017, Del Taco's mini shakes were originally available in just chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors, and they were 9-ounce shakes for $1, according to Brand Eating. The returning orange cream shake will be available for an undetermined time while supplies last at select Del Taco locations. Fans showed their excitement in the comments under Del Taco's aforementioned tweet, with some already dreading the day the shake leaves the menu.