Here's How To Use Your Instant Pot To Make Yogurt

If you have an instant pot, you have probably heard on the grapevine about all the amazing things these kitchen gadgets can manage. From things like baked potatoes and cheesecake, nothing seems too much for these nifty countertop wizards.

Pinch of yum insists that this is a gadget that can, and should, be used daily for a number of things. They can make short work of rice and large batches of boiled eggs. If making your own egg mayonnaise, this is perfect. The great thing about these one-pot pressure cookers is the ease. You just prep all the ingredients and then leave it to do its thing. But one thing you can make in an instant pot that you might not know about is yogurt. It seems at first glance to be quite time-consuming and difficult, but once you've got it all figured out, it should be pretty straightforward. One thing you definitely need, according to Allrecipes, is a food thermometer, as the temperatures when making the yogurt are very specific and if you don't get them just right, your yogurt won't turn out well.

How to make the yogurt

Making the yogurt only requires two ingredients: half a gallon of whole milk and two tablespoons of plain live yogurt. This recipe is for an instant pot that features a yogurt button. 

Pour the milk into the instant pot and press the yogurt button. The milk will be cooked for around 35 minutes. This is where you need your food thermometer because the milk needs to be between 180 to 200 F. Remove the inner pot and let the milk cool. If you are short on time, placing the pot in a sink full of iced water will make this part much quicker. The milk needs to be around 110 F. Take a cup of the milk and mix it with your live yogurt and then pour it back into the milk. Stir well, and then put the inner pot back in the Instant Pot and set the yogurt function button for 8 hours. When the time is up, pour the yogurt into a container and refrigerate for at least 4 hours.

If you would like your yogurt thicker, more like a Greek-style yogurt, Luvele suggests straining the yogurt. Pour the yogurt into a cheesecloth or large coffee filter and leave the excess whey to drip out. When the yogurt reaches the desired consistency, stop straining and refrigerate. If you strain too much liquid out and it becomes too thick, you can add some of the whey back in and mix thoroughly until the yogurt is the correct thickness.