Padma Lakshmi's Favorite Way To Eat Eggs In The Morning

Not to wax philosophical, but without eggs, food as we know it wouldn't be the same. The pantry staple is the unsung hero that keep our desserts from crumbling down, and the typical American breakfast wouldn't be so American without it. Chances are, your favorite Italian-style pasta is made with eggs in it. We don't need to rave about the versatility of the delightful protein that is egg — you can make some seriously delicious egg dishes out of it and even add it to your hair and skincare routine.

According to Food Network, a survey showed that 65% of Americans prefer eggs for breakfast over coffee or cereal, making it the top choice for the meal. Because eggs are so protean (pun intended), they can be enjoyed in countless ways. Of course "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi has a favorite way of eating eggs and she can't get enough of it.

Padma Lakshmi's favorite egg recipe

Padma Lakshmi's well-developed palate is lauded in the culinary space, but some of her favorite foods are also the simplest. When Bon Appétit asked Lakshmi what's the one food she feels powerless around, her answer was pizza. Her choice of egg preparation is also a classic. When asked how she would like her eggs if she could only eat them that way for the rest of her life, the food expert said egg-in-a-hole was an easy answer. "It was actually what I was eating when I went into labor. Firm whites, runny yolks, and lots of Tapatio hot sauce," she added.

A simple yet fun dish, egg-in-a-hole has over 60 names, per My Recipes. There is no one way to prepare it, but the basics involve an egg, a piece of bread, butter, and condiments according to preference. Simply cut a hole in the bread, toast the bread in butter on a pan, crack an egg in the hole, and your carb-enclosed oasis of protein should be ready to enjoy in no time.

Besides egg-in-a-hole, Lakshmi also likes her eggs scrambled, soft-boiled, hard-boiled and sliced, egg salad, and poached, per Bon Appétit. "There's a million ways that I'll eat them," she said. Although she is admittedly "obsessed" with eggs, she wouldn't eat them if they are overcooked.