Jarred Roasted Red Peppers Are Your New Secret Weapon In The Kitchen

Oh, we can already feel it if we only close our eyes and imagine it — biting into a warm, vibrant, juicy roasted red pepper on a hot summer day. It immediately conjures up memories of summer lunches and backyard barbecues. And if you also love eating roasted red peppers, you're on the right track. 

BBC goodfood reports that peppers are very beneficial to our health and well-being. For instance, they might lower blood sugar, delay memory loss in old age, protect against various chronic illnesses, and reduce the risk of cataracts. Besides, they're delicious and nutritious. The only downside to eating roasted peppers is that they can trigger heartburn and are somewhat hard to digest. 

For those who love roasted red peppers more than anything else are probably already familiar with some unique international spreads and sauces.  For example, a tasty French dip from Provence, called poivronade, is made with a mixture of roasted peppers, pine nuts, basil, and cheese (via Pardon Your French). Or you're more into ajvar, a spread based on roasted red peppers, which BBC Travel called "the vegan caviar of the Balkans." 

Whatever dish you're whipping up with roasted peppers, you don't always have to use fresh ones. Oh, yes, you can use the jarred variety and get the same outstanding flavor.

Jarred roasted red peppers will save you time

Per Bon Appétit, jarred roasted red peppers could be your new secret weapon in the kitchen. Red bell peppers are first roasted and charred, and then the blistered skin is peeled. The roasted peppers are "packed in saltwater, which maintains their malleable texture but doesn't impart too much salinity." 

Of course, you can also char your own red bell peppers on the grill, as Stanley Tucci does, then peel and deseed them. But most of us like to save time in the kitchen whenever we can, so a jar of roasted red peppers comes in extra handy. The flavors in a jar of roasted peppers should be vegetal, smoky, and sweet. Just don't be surprised if there are bits of char in there as well. 

And yes, that jar will prove to be very useful. You can do many things with roasted red peppers. You can throw them on a toasted Tuscan chicken sandwich or make a roasted red pepper hummus. And a bruschetta with roasted red peppers is always a good option. 

In the end, if refrigerated, that jar of roasted peppers can last up to three weeks, while freshly roasted peppers will last only four to five days in the fridge (per Well Plated).