Why A Massachusetts Restaurant Got A Glass Onion Director Shoutout

A chart-topping whodunnit, Rian Johnson's "Glass Onion" continues to dominate Netflix since its December 23 arrival on the streaming platform. Featuring 007 star Daniel Craig alongside fellow Hollywood stars Janelle Monáe, Kate Hudson, Kathryn Hahn, and Ethan Hawke, the "Knives Out" mystery debuted in theaters in September for a big screen run that lasted only one week (per CNBC).

The satirical mystery follows an ensemble of uber-rich innovators, celebrities, and politicians as they navigate murder and mishap on a remote island getaway. A last-minute contender to disrupt the 2023 Academy Awards, the celebrated film is already nominated for Best Picture at the upcoming Critics Choice Awards (per FanSided).

Amid the commotion surrounding "Glass Onion," restaurants that share a name with the successful movie have been overshadowed by the film on Google's search engine results. Extending an olive branch in the wake of the mishap, director Rian Johnson is dedicated to bringing public attention to the Glass Onion restaurants via Twitter.

Cape Cod restaurant The Glass Onion is thrilled about Rian Johnson's shoutout

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Rian Johnson says the movie title was explicitly taken from a 1968 Beatles track titled "Glass Onion." Turns out other Beatles fanatics doubling as restaurant owners share the same creative process as Johnson and they too named their establishment after the song. Unfortunately for small businesses like Cape Cod restaurant The Glass Onion, Google search engine results spit out Rolling Stone critic's picks and other film discourse instead of showing potential customers The Glass Onion's beaming Yelp reviews.

In a jovial effort to make it right, Johnson created a Twitter thread shouting out the small businesses called Glass Onion to bring traffic back to their websites. Among the many highlights, The Glass Onion received a homage from Johnson that says "The Glass Onion in Falmouth Massachusetts has a delicious looking menu, if you're visiting Cape Cod stop by!" The owner of the restaurant Josh Christian told Boston.com that he's a "big fan of Johnson's films" and was "thrilled" to see the shoutout.

Despite the chaos, the mix-up tells us that if it's called Glass Onion, it must be great.