The Shocking Videos That Shut Down A Restaurant An Indianapolis

Think you've seen some bad food hygiene? While it's still a good idea to brush up on how to avoid food poisoning, they're probably nothing compared to one Indiana restaurant that's recently gained fame for all the wrong reasons. And the claims of unsanitary conditions are not just hurting its own business; the restaurant is a knock-off of the popular Indianapolis local chain Jordan's (per WRTV). The restaurant in question is officially registered as an SDN Market Inc., but the voicemail and sign say Jordan's Fish and Chicken. Additionally, according to WTHR, the location is registered with the Indiana Secretary of State as Jordan's Fish and Chiken Corporation, missing the "c" in "chicken." A representative for the original Jordan's Fish and Chicken told WRTV that the chain has only two locations, and this is not one of them, but as they are not a corporation, there's nothing they can do about imitators.

So what was so bad that the real Jordan's Fish and Chicken felt the need to make a statement publicly distancing themselves from their imitators?

Unsanitary conditions at one Indianapolis eatery

Footage shot on December 31 inside the restaurant at the corner of 42nd Street and Post Road quickly went viral on TikTok due to its shocking nature (per WTHR & WRTV). The video, which was shot by a man picking up chicken for his family on New Year's Eve, shows an employee with no shoes on stepping over trays of food on the floor, which is also littered with garbage and large slabs of cardboard. The man also filmed a mouse openly skittering about the main part of the establishment.

When the Marion County Health Department arrived to investigate Monday morning, they found the restaurant closed but still managed to find health code violations as bucket of grease was left to the side of the building. That, in combination with the footage, resulted in a temporary closure of the restaurant. Fox59 reported that the health department had visited the establishment 10 times in five months last year, and as recently as October, a family reported becoming ill with nausea, headaches, and vomiting after consuming chicken prepared at the premises.

Located in Indianapolis's lower-income Far East Side, some, including City-County Council Member La Keisha Jackson, feel the business is taking advantage of the city's Far East Side and its people (per WRTV). Ms. Jackson pointed out in an interview with local news station WRTV that the restaurant is located in a food desert and accepts EBT or SNAP benefit cards.