Doritos Drops Next Level Sweet & Tangy BBQ Flavor

Doritos products are known for always packing a punch, and the brand's newest release is no exception. Since the original Doritos corn chip was officially released in 1966, many variations of the popular snack have rolled out, including Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch and Poppin' Jalapeno flavors.

But certain Doritos fans gravitate toward items that strike a balance between sweet and spicy — as evident from the brand's successful Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos flavor. A handful of fans rave about this particular product on the brand's website, with one reviewer stating that it is, "the tastiest bangingest sweet salty woods euphoria." But this chip isn't everyone's cup of tea. One user described the chip's taste as, "concentrated soy sauce," and would not recommend the flavor.

Luckily, another sweet, tangy, and slightly spicy chip is making its way into stores, with its own unique twist that will differentiate it from the Spicy Sweet Chili variation.

Doritos kicks off the new year with tangy new flavor

Fans will be excited to hear that Doritos will be releasing a Sweet & Tangy BBQ flavor this month. The brand does not currently have a barbecue flavored chip, despite it being a highly popular potato chip flavor among avid chip eaters. So it's almost fitting that the slogan of this launch is, "try another angle®," referencing the unique shape of Doritos, as well as the brand's encouragement to its customers to look at things differently in 2023.

The saying could also be applied to the fact that Doritos is putting its own spin on this classic flavor. Not only is the brand launching its first barbecue chip, but it's adding a sweet, spicy, and tangy twist to it, with the goal of taking the traditional barbecue flavor to "another level®." In the spirit of trying new things in the new year, Doritos' latest flavor will be available for purchase in stores as well as