Should You Season Food Before Or After Frying?

After eating something you've spent time and effort cooking, chances are you immediately think of ways to alter and improve the recipe next time. You might even ask your dining companions what they liked and disliked to take notes for the next try. This isn't uncommon, in fact, you've probably questioned yourself about past meals. Should I have left the salmon a bit more in the oven? Should I add more tahini to the hummus? Are the fries too salty

If you're feeling like something is slightly off in one of your dishes, it could simply be a matter of seasoning. For example, is it better to season food before or after deep frying? Many chefs will season food with salt and pepper before cooking to enhance the flavor, as most recipes recommend. However, there's a risk that the food gets too salty or sticky, as Eat Pallet explains. When it comes to deep-fried food, seasoning it after deep-frying will make the most out of it, with certain types of seasonings of course.

Season your food after frying it

According to CNET, you should season your food after frying it, to avoid the seasonings, even salt or pepper, falling from the food while in hot oil. However, this doesn't mean that seasoning your food with salt and pepper before is wrong. As Boss The Kitchen explains, it all depends on the type of food you are cooking, and what types of herbs you want to use. Delicate fresh herbs and ground spices are usually the seasonings that are better added after frying, so they can release the flavor and aroma after cooking. The list usually includes parsley, chives, basil, oregano, cumin, and yes, even salt and pepper to add that finishing crunchy touch to food like French fries.

Additionally, MSN reports that by salting your breaded food before frying, you could be eliminating the crispiness of the food. This is because the salt absorbs any of the food's moisture. Of course, most cooks will tell that is a matter of personal preference. But, the blog also insists that adding seasonings at the end of cooking will help to distribute the flavors better, and in a lighter way. Eating Expired says fried chicken will taste better after seasoned because the oil will help herbs to stick, which can happen with other food. Either before or after, just be careful with over-seasoning.