Target And Tabitha Brown Unite For Head-Turning Vegan Grocery Lineup

Tabitha Brown has her pulse on what vegans want, and vegans want Target products. The third release of Tabitha Brown for Target Vegan Food and Kitchen Collection will include cookware, table decor, storage containers, and grocery items (via Vegconomist). "With this collection, I intentionally want to spread joy in the kitchen through food and color," Brown, or Tab, as her fans know her, tells Essence. The collection is all about making vegan products accessible and joyful to make. In photos for the line, she smiles over vibrantly patterned and colored pans, plates, and tablecloths as she samples some of the many ready-made and easy-to-cook vegan offerings.

Tabitha Brown's journey to veganism began as she tried to soothe the chronic pain, headaches, depression, and anxiety she had been experiencing with a 30-day vegan challenge, notes Veg News. Within 10 days, her symptoms started to subside, and she decided to make the switch permanent. 

However, even years after her transition to veganism, Brown acknowledges that moving to a more plant-based lifestyle is something that anyone can benefit from but that everyone is on their own journey — even her own family members. "I never once told them, 'You need to eat this way.' I just said, 'This is what I'm doing. And this is how it helped me,'" Brown told Mashed in 2021. Her new collection with Target reflects that sentiment.

Tab's new Target collection offers many vegan grocery products

In addition to all the fun kitchen products splashed with some of Tab's signature phrases, Tabitha Brown's new collection at Target also includes tons of yummy grocery products. "When I'm promoting veganism or plant-based living, I want it to be accessible. I want it to be easy. I don't want people to overthink it," Brown explained to Essence

That's why the more than 40 food items are all super easy to make (via Vegconomist). Items like sausage with mango, basil and cilantro or polenta with wild mushroom ravioli make great foundations for a whole meal. Products such as caramelized onion cream cheese or truffle garlic spread are ways to amp up the flavor of some plant-based meals that are seriously delicious. The grocery selection also includes some ready-made vegan items like chickpea chili and garlic pasta salad.

Tab's bright new collection will debut at Target on January 8. Whether you're vegan or not, there is sure to be something there that will bring a little joy to your kitchen this year.