Here's Why You Can Get Plane Wine Shipped Straight To Your Door

Stuck on a long, exhausting flight? You could always grab a drink or two to take the edge off. Out of 1,000 Americans surveyed, 37% claimed they enjoy drinking on a plane, and about 75% of those that drink visit an airplane bar before boarding (via Cheap Flights). When it comes to beverage of choice, 28% of women drink cocktails while 48% of men enjoy beer. The majority does have one thing in common, though; more than 50% of airplane drinkers only consume alcohol if it's free.

If you choose to drink wine while airborne, you'll want to find the best type for high elevations. According to master sommelier Andrea Robinson, traveling in a dry cabin alters the taste and smell of consumed beverages, per Wine Country Table. Because of this, she recommends fruity oaked chardonnay, pinot noir, or cabernet sauvignon. As far as white wines are concerned, they should be low in acidity, and dryer red wines can taste even dryer on an airplane. Three years ago, though, American Airlines banned in-flight drinking, per CNBC, forcing it to find something else to do with its in-stock wine.

The airline is ridding itself of overstock wine

Before you start panicking though, American Airlines has since revived its in-flight alcohol service (via CNBC). But that still doesn't change the airline's need for ridding itself of extra product. According to CNN, American Airlines launched a monthly wine subscription called American Airlines Flagship Cellars for $99. With the membership, you'll receive three bottles of wine a month, AAdvantage Miles towards flights, and discounted prices of individual wine bottles. The bottles, which would usually be sold on flights, cost about $13 and $40 apiece.

According to the American Airlines Newsroom, the airline works with a master sommelier to determine the most popular wines worldwide by holding a blind taste test. "For wine lovers around the world, wine provides a deeper connection to the places they enjoy visiting," chief customer officer Alison Taylor said. Those interested can check out the full selection of wine on Vinesse Wines, and in order to be eligible for AAdvantage Miles, you must sign up before ordering using the enrollment form.