Molson Coors Just Dropped Zero-Proof Cocktails

Experts say 2023 is the year for mocktails, especially with Dry January is upon us. According to a poll by Morning Consult, last year saw about every 1 in 5 adults participate in the annual January trend. That's 13% higher than in 2021, while the Dry January initiative has a high retention rate of 77%. This means that almost three quarters of everyone who said goodbye to alcohol to start 2022, will likely do this same in 2023.

A mocktail boom is also expected after nonalcoholic beverages saw a 19% increase in revenue, according to a January 2022 report from Nielsen IQ. With celebrity brands like Katy Perry's nonalcoholic aperitif and Blake Lively's fizzy mixers, it's becoming easier to welcome low-calorie and alcohol-free drinks. 

Now, iconic beverage company, Molson Coors, has taken initiative with its first-ever zero-proof cocktails. In a press release sent to Mashed, the brand's new Roxie line of drinks features a play on craft cocktails, without that pesky booze.

Molson Coors' fruity alcohol-free flavors

Molson Coors says that its Roxie line of beverages is "inspired by bartender recipes with a clever twist." Per the press release, Roxie will be available exclusively online in a three-flavor 12-pack and single-flavor 4-packs. The flavors will consist of Ripe with Passionfruit, Forbidden Pineapple, and Lost in Mango. You can grab passionfruit for its bold and zesty flavor, pineapple for a juicy and tangy twist, or the mango-inspired mocktail for a rich and aromatic experience. 

Molson Coors recommends sipping on these mystical beverages straight from the can or topping it off with your favorite garnish (orange, anybody?). The company is looking to attract a new group of consumers with this launch and claims that "the next generation of drinkers" are "redefining what it means to drink in social setting." While we hope this means drinking due to peer pressure is one step closer to evaporating for good, time will only tell how customers respond to the popular brand's non-alcoholic offerings.