TikTok's Copycat Texas Roadhouse Cinnamon Honey Butter Couldn't Be Easier To Make

With about 350 million tons being eaten each year around the world, it's safe to say that meat is a very popular protein globally, per The World Counts. Furthermore, of all the types of meat, steak is a popular option among Americans; in fact, about 70% of Americans say that steak is their favorite food, according to Meats by Linz. Since beef and steak are so largely consumed in the United States, it's only natural for there to be a lot of steakhouse chains for Americans to dine at. Among all of the steakhouse options, Texas Roadhouse is a popular choice for many people.

Of course, eating at a steak restaurant every day isn't feasible, so what do you do if you're craving Texas Roadhouse? Well, the next best thing would be to try a copycat recipe. Luckily, TikTok has a place for different copycat recipes under the hashtag #copycatrecipe, and it's extremely popular with 98.7 million views as of January 2023, per TikTok. The most recent Texas Roadhouse copycat recipe on TikTok is for the chain's iconic cinnamon honey butter, and you only need a few ingredients to make it.

You only need six ingredients for this copycat cinnamon honey butter

TikTok user @mxriyum shared their copycat recipe for Texas Roadhouse's prized cinnamon honey butter, and it only requires six ingredients: butter, powdered sugar, honey, cinnamon salt, and vanilla. They also beat or whipped the butter for about five minutes to get it fluffy and spreadable. The comments under their TikTok were loving the copycat recipe, with one user writing "Omg stopppp this looks amazing." There were plenty of other comments that praised the copycat recipe, and some were amazed at how the original poster figured out a recipe that came so close to the real cinnamon honey butter from Texas Roadhouse.

Another TikTok user @spilling_the_sweet_tea posted their version of Texas Roadhouse's cinnamon honey butter, and they used the same ingredients as @mxriyum but in different amounts. For example, @spilling_the_sweet_tea uses less powdered sugar and more honey than @mxriyum, but they both use softened butter. It's also important to note that @spilling_the_sweet_tea did say in their comments that they used salted butter, which could be swapped out for unsalted butter if desired. This just proves that while copycat recipes are meant to replicate a certain restaurant dish, they are still versatile and customizable to individual preferences. 

Now you just need an easy dinner rolls recipe to pair with that delicious cinnamon honey butter.