The TikTok Apple Hack For Steeping Flavorful Tea

Sipping on a piping hot cup of tea is one of life's greatest pleasures, especially when your goal is to relax or to stay nice and toasty on a chilly day. Maybe your go-to is Sleepytime tea each night before bed, or perhaps you like to dunk teabags containing all your favorite flavors that you just know will work some delicious magic every time. Perhaps the best part is that there are many tasty tea additives you can get creative with, including alcohol, fruit juice, and whole fruit.

For fans of fruity tea infusions, we've encountered a hack that could add an extra zing of flavor. Instead of steeping your fruit in the tea itself, this method uses the fruit itself as the tea infuser. TikTok user and tea connoisseur Mintybwater shared this unique infusion process in a video that amassed comments like "Magic of apple" and "I need this, it looks so good." It's too easy, especially if you love apples.

Place tea leaves in a halved apple to make a tea infuser

In a video posted in October, Mintybwater heads to a tea shelf and chooses apple cinnamon tea leaves. The TikToker halves an apple and uses a melon baller to scoop out the core, turning the apple into a juicy vessel shaped like a bowl. The apple still needs one more step to turn into a tea infuser though. This is achieved by taking a toothpick and doing some light stabbing at the base of the fruit. After situating the stabbed apple on a mug, Minty places a few spoonfuls of tea leaves into it. Now it's locked and loaded. Boiled water is poured into the apple, and the infusion begins!

Depending on the type of tea a person is using, a fruity infusion could bring out different aromas and flavors. So for a person who attempts this hack, it could help to experiment with different combinations. For example, Unilever Food Solutions recommends pairing an apple infusion with peppermint tea. But it suggests using passion fruit with Early Grey and mango with green tea. And of course, you can always drop a stick of cinnamon or stir a spoonful of honey into your cup of tea.