Deli Workers Hate Cutting This Type Of Meat

Working at the deli can be hectic and stressful, per Indeed. One deli worker called it the worst job ever, adding, "It is super stressful, no one is ever happy and it will break your spirit." The stress of working in a fast-paced environment like the deli can make putting on a happy face an ordeal, especially when it's crowded and the customers are hungry and impatient.

No wonder there is a bevy of people who wonder why deli workers are "rude," at least on Reddit. One netizen who asked a deli worker to shave a pound of pastrami said their request was met with an eye-roll. "The whole time she was shaving it she complained loudly about how her arm was hurting from so much slicing," they shared on DC Urban Moms and Dads. A user who claimed to have previously worked at a Walmart deli explained that it is indeed annoying to shave meat, especially when the deli is bustling with customers. Several other former deli workers agreed and said it is time-consuming. Others were less sympathetic and took more of an "it is what it is" stance.

Although it can be draining, it is a deli worker's job to give you the kind of cut you want, but some cuts are grubbier than others and leave behind a big mess for the deli worker to clean.

The bane of deli slicer operators' existence

The Takeout did a survey to get to the bottom of the deli pit and find out what the deli slicer operators' bête noire was. It all came down to how messy the cuts were and how long it took to clean up the scraps.

Items laden with sticky sauce like buffalo chicken and Italian-style roast beef were voted some of the worst. The outlet mentioned how when a saucy pound of meat hits the spinning blade, it leaves the slicer with a sticky coat, requiring workers to clean the whole assembly. Since it is time-consuming, other customers are left waiting for their turn for longer. Other unpopular items for deli workers include olive loaf, muenster cheese, polish ham, and aged cheese.

By now you know why working behind a deli counter can be challenging, so being kind to the staff should be a norm. Taste of Home recommends sorting out your order before you reach the counter and asking for advice or a recommendation for a better deli experience.