Jack Harlow And A Doritos Love Triangle Are Brewing For A Super Bowl Ad

Doritos finally revealed who the star of its much-anticipated Super Bowl ad is, after teasing a secret celebrity online. Jack Harlow, who quickly rose through the music ranks in 2020, was spotted in the teaser trailer for the snacks new commercial. Last year, Frito Lay combined Doritos and Cheetos into a music-centric advertisement featuring animated forest animals. What's the most important part of the 2022 advertisement, you ask? Well, the Flamin' Hot Cool Ranch Doritos, of course.

The brand is certainly known for its Super Bowl spotlight — we would say as much as Budweiser's or Coca-Cola's infamous commercial drops. This year, the brand opted for something a little more realistic (we think), and that's a love triangle with Harlow and Doritos. The clip, shared exclusively by People, showcases crazed fans and paparazzi swarming Harlow's car with a bag of Doritos in hand. According to Bloomberg, one 30-second Super Bowl commercial sold for $7 million each in 2022, so we don't even want to think about how much money Frito-Lay dropped on this ad.

The commercial promotes Doritos new BBQ flavor

The Doritos flavor featured in the advertisement (aka the real star of the commercial) is the brand's new sweet and tangy BBQ that dropped just last week. Mashed tried them, and let's just say we weren't as blown away as we should've been for a name brand like this one. "Is it true about the love triangle," one paparazzi person asks Jack Harlow in the 15-second video. The music star responds, "Maybe," before munching on a Doritos chip. "Baby? You're having a baby," the paparazzi man replied, clearly mishearing what Harlow had just said.

A part of us is hoping that Jack Harlow's not-so-secret crush, Dua Lipa (whom he even named a song after), will make an appearance in the love triangle, but that's wishful thinking. The Super Bowl will air on February 12, 2023, which will take place at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Music queen, Rihanna, confirmed on Instagram back in September that she will be performing at the halftime show this year. Looks like Super Bowl LVII will have no shortage of famous musical guests!