Doritos Finally Unveils Who Its Super Bowl Ad Celebrity Is

It's almost time for the Super Bowl once again, and for many fans, that means one thing: Super Bowl ads. Over the years, these micro-sized advertisements have become as entertaining and popular as the half-time show. In fact, according to research done by the National Retail Federation, nearly 18% of viewers tune in just for those special ads. It's worth noting for those already exploring their Super Bowl spread, that enjoying Super Bowl snacks and other themed foods alone bring nearly 5% of people to the big game.

What makes Super Bowl ads so special? Not only do retailers feel the push to make them memorable — according to Statistica, a jaw-dropping 99.18 people watched the 2022 Super Bowl — but they cost a pretty penny, too. In 2020, a 30-second ad during the big game, with one or two exceptions, retailed for $5.6 million (per NBC Sports). And those one or two exceptions went for the low, low price of $5 million. 

It's estimated that Fox netted over $400 million selling the time slots (per Bloomberg). And these sky-high rates are nothing new. The cost of an advertising slot during the first Super Bowl in 1967 could run up to $42,500, or approximately twice the cost of the average American home in the same year (per Go Banking Rates). And that's all above and beyond the cost of making the ad. One major way ads raise their costs is by hiring big-name celebrities to promote their product, a popular practice among Super Bowl ads.

Missy Elliot will join Jack Harlow

It's safe to say that Doritos, which has had some popular Super Bowl ads in the past, have hired a big name this year (per Vogue & People). We were originally kept in the dark with only a teaser photo confirming that a mystery celeb would hype new Doritos Sweet and Tangy BBQ chips. However, a YouTube video posted on January 12 titled "The Love Triangle" revealed Jack Harlow was the person in the image. Recently, as reported by Billboard, Doritos dropped another video. It turns out Missy Elliot will be collaborating with the rapper.

In the teaser video, Elliott enthusiastically talked on the phone with Harlow. But by the end, she apparently heard something that threw her off. "A love triangle?" Elliot asked. "I don't know about that." No word yet on exactly how the collab will play out. But this year's ad will involve a fan who gets paid for performing as well.

For a chance at 30 seconds of stardom, people had to repeat the TikTok dance challenge posted by @vibin.wit.tay and share their versions with the hashtags #DoritosTriangleTryout and #Entry, and follow Doritos, of course. As we all know, a triangle has three corners. If our math is right, Harlow and Elliot make two. Will a fan complete the shape, or is there something else in store?