Qdoba Trolls Chipotle By Allowing Customers To Order Viral Quesadilla

Ever since TikTok trends became a thing, they've caused issues for workers at places like Starbucks, where orders are backed up due to demands for elaborate drinks, or at Chipotle, where disgruntled workers have taken to Reddit to complain about trends. However, according to Forbes, Chipotle was one of the first major fast-food chains to embrace the social media platform. At the time, CEO Chris Brandt said, "Almost half of our customer base is Gen Z or millennials, so social media is a fact of life." Using TikTok as a marketing tool with trends like the lid-flip challenge or the guacamole dance is one thing, but when the trend starts to affect the sanity of workers, it's lost its appeal. 

One food hack, known as the cheesesteak quesadilla, went viral last December, but the customization was causing problems for Chipotle's staff. According to one Redditor, their machines don't allow all the required ingredients to fit (per Today), so signs soon went up in Chipotle stores to inform customers that they were unable to order the item. However, it became so popular that Chipotle corporate decided it was time to capitalize on the trend, and it informed staff last week that it was making the item part of the menu.

Qdoba sees Chipotle delay as opportunity

The viral quesadilla taking over TikTok features the Chipotle steak quesadilla with extra cheese and fajita veggies added in order to make it taste like a Philly cheesesteak (per Today). A Chipotle cooperate letter has informed staff that it plans on adding the social media-inspired item to its app, and how to address customers asking for the meal. Keith Lee, one of the first people responsible for the item's popularity, says that the item will be available on the app form March (via EliteDaily). However, rival Mexican cuisine chain Qdoba decided it was time to step in and give customers what they want without the wait. Qdoba's Chief Marketing Officer Karin Silk said, "Qdoba prides itself on its customization options and serving guests their own creations through our Create Your Own entrées," per Today.

A recent video from Qdoba shows a customer throwing away one of the signs put up at Chipotle stores, and walking into a Qdoba to ask for the "TikTok Quesadilla." The employee makes the item for them and the customer then says "don't wait til March." While some people were thrilled to hear this information, others admitted their loyalty to Lee and Chipotle and said they'd wait. Even still, the move is sure to generate some excitement around the viral food hack before March rolls around.