TikTok Is Left Stunned By An Alarming Starbucks Drink Order

There are a lot of things that Starbucks employees wish you knew. For instance, were you aware that asking for a certain topping makes you a Karen, according to baristas? Other Starbucks workers have taken to social media to share everything from how much syrup is in certain drinks to why ordering certain money-saving beverage hacks isn't fair to staff members (via TikTok).

Considering the fact that the average Starbucks gets more than 500 customers a day (via StarbMag), it makes sense that baristas would have certain pet peeves — or at least end up seeing some pretty unique drinks, especially now that the Starbucks mobile app has made it easier to customize drinks without ever having to actually look a barista in the eye. Certain drink orders that are so eye-popping that even the most seasoned baristas can't help but be shocked. That was the case seen in a recent viral TikTok video in which a Starbucks barista shared one customer's daily order that is not only expensive, but also seems unsafe for consumption.

The drink is literally a health hazard

One stunned Starbucks barista recently took to their TikTok page to share a customized drink order that left commenters stunned. "Every day this lady comes here and gets 20 espresso shots with five pumps of classic syrup," the user shared. "$22.57 a day." Not only is that expensive — $157.99 a week, and more than $8,000 a year — but it's also a dangerous amount of caffeine. According to Yahoo! News, the drink has three times as much caffeine as is recommended each day by health experts. Consuming more than 1,200 milligrams of caffeine in a 24-hour period can even cause seizures, and the Starbucks drink in question totals a dangerous 1,500 milligrams of caffeine. 

TikTok commenters' reactions ranged from concerned to comical. "She needs to buy an espresso machine," said one practical person. "Y'all might want to start selling cardiac monitors too," said another. "My kidneys hurt," said another, while a different person questioned if she was actually drinking all of it. "I had a panic attack and cried/threw up for 8 hours" after drinking six shots of espresso, said one person, speculating that "there's no way she's drinking it." But the barista confirmed that they had asked the customer if they drink it themselves, and they said they do. Whether looking at it from a financial or health perspective, there was one comment that seemed to sum things up: "Is she ok?"