The McDonald's Wall Art That's Hilariously Eating Up Instagram

It's no secret that McDonald's and other popular fast food chains have gotten real silly on social media over the years. Between the witty banter, sassy roasts, and bold trolling, there's a lot of corporate chaos being stirred up on Twitter on any given day. There's nothing wrong with a little lighthearted, humor-riddled war between competing restaurants, right? But it doesn't stop there. Over on Instagram, a similar level of ridiculousness continues, but this time it's in the form of motivationally delicious posters. Or is it art?

Well, that might depend on your definition of art. Big fans of the Golden Arches might rely on its fluffy breakfast sandwiches and McCafe coffee to get them through a morning devoid of energy. Or, maybe you get a real hankering from time to time for a sleeve of its freshly made, piping hot fries. If this is the case for you, you might just look at this recent Instagram post by McDonald's and think, "Ah yes, this is just the aesthetic I need to plaster all over my room." At least, that's what McDonald's joked about doing in the post's caption, and commenters decided to join in on the fun.

McDonald's wants you to believe, persevere, and find success

The Instagram post features a set of six photos that look like they could be found in a fifth-grade classroom, except the actual inspirational imagery is replaced with various McDonald's menu items. In one photo, a large fry is pictured floating above the clouds near a hiker that has summited a mountain with outstretched arms. "Integrity" is in all caps at the bottom, followed by "Not taking fries from ur friend's box on the way home." C'mon! No fry lover can resist the compulsion to sneak a fry or two when your driver is unaware. "I have no integrity. It is a lifelong problem," one unusually honest commenter said.

Another one depicts a floating, ethereal McDonald's Happy Meal for "Success", with a phrase under it that must feel like a personal attack for every anxious takeout grabber: "Hearing 'Enjoy your meal' without saying 'You Too'." Oof. One user was feeling particularly inspired and commented a whole paragraph that had us laughing out loud. Reverently yet absurdly, he replied with, "Happy potatoes . . . your delicacy can bring humanity back together, under your tender potato skin, all people become brothers," and closed out the comment with the equivalent of an "amen".

It appears that McDonald's might just achieve world peace at this rate. We're going into this year manifesting "Luck" to get those extra nuggets. If we're truly lucky, maybe McDonald's will bring back all-day breakfast — yknow, as a treat.