TikTok Is Roasting Cracker Barrel For Serving Food On Napkins

Amid the current understaffing of the service sector, consumers have become accustomed to dining experiences full of unexpected changes. The most common examples are longer wait times and condensed business hours, per Fortune. Consumers looking to skirt these inconveniences are increasingly turning to food delivery services, predicted to reach a $200 billion market value by 2025. 

Indeed, as staying in has proved increasingly convenient and menu prices have risen, people have been dining out less, reports CNN. For restaurants, then, it's more critical than ever to ensure that guests' experiences make them want to return. While many consumers may be more understanding of food businesses' challenges post-pandemic, the recent roasting of Cracker Barrel on social media suggests that some infractions are too much to look past. 

In a TikTok video, a guest dining at Cracker Barrel revealed that during a visit to the chain, the restaurant ran out of "food, plates, and the servers," who "walked out." Instead of closing early, the remaining staff members served customers biscuits on napkins so they "didn't go hungry." The guests in the video weren't the only ones shocked. Once other users caught wind of the video, they had a field day clowning the situation.

Cracker Barrel isn't alone in running out of food

Many TikTok users expressed solidarity with the Cracker Barrel workers, with many commenting on how they would react if all the servers stormed out. "If I see staff walk out in any place... not gonna lie, I will leave with them. idk why but I feel like I should lol," one user shared. This response aligns with the recent uptick in Americans' support for workers. In fact, according to Gallup, 71% of Americans support labor unions after seeing workers at major companies banding together to demand better pay and conditions. 

Cracker Barrel is not alone in experiencing food, staff, and supply shortages. Based on the comments, other chains have had similar issues. One customer said, "Last summer, when I worked at Subway, we ran out of bread and had to turn away every customer; it was so bad." 

Other customers opined about the glory days of Cracker Barrel. "CB has gone downhill so much!! I used to love their food when I was younger, but lately, I can't stand it." This was echoed by another user who said, "I never liked the place, food was never good to me, always puzzled when people were bragging about it years ago." With the rising costs of food and labor, many restaurants have cut down on their menu offerings to save money, per CNBC. It's unclear whether Cracker Barrel will do the same, but for now, visitors may want to bring their own plates.