Why Hailey Bieber's New Cooking Show Is Leaving TikTok Skeptical

Hailey Bieber has added a new title to her impressive resume: cooking channel hostess. In December 2022, Bieber launched the first episode of her series "What's in My Kitchen?" On YouTube. "The reason I wanted to do this is because I am such a foodie; I love trying new recipes, and I wanted to bring you guys along and show you the things I like to make," the starlet shared. Bieber also added a disclaimer, explaining that she is by no means a "professional chef."

In the first video, Bieber tackles the most important meal of the day by showing her followers how to make her two go-to breakfasts. The first dish, a chocolate chip pancake recipe, is an ideal option if you have a little more time to kill, while her second dish, a protein shake, is catered towards those rushing to get out the door in the morning. To promote this new series, Bieber posted a teaser to her TikTok channel. The clip featured Bieber taking a bite of her pancakes. "I'm not gonna lie, I've outdone myself," she exclaims. "Honestly, why am I a genius?" TikTokers took to the comment section to share their thoughts and feelings on the video, and let's just say that not all of the narratives were positive. 

Selena Gomez fans subtly roasted Hailey Bieber's new cooking series

Celebrity cooking shows are not a novel concept. From "Amy Schumer Learns to Cook" to "Cooking with Paris," people seem to have a fascination with watching their favorite A-listers getting busy in the kitchen (via Vogue). Now, Hailey Bieber is entering this crowded space with "What's in My Kitchen" and fans have a few things to say about it.

When reacting to Bieber's TikTok promo where she gushes over her own edible creation, some followers took to the comment section to poke fun at Bieber's lack of culinary expertise. "Me every time I cook pasta for the 5th time in a row this week," one user wrote, while another commented, "Why is this me after making the most basic meal." Others were quick to come to Bieber's defense, with one user writing, "Period we love chef Hailey," and another saying, "Heading to the store to make some Hailey pancakes tomorrow."

Another cohort of commenters subtly implied that Bieber is copying Selena Gomez and her cooking series "Selena + Chef." "I wonder who else has a cooking show," one user insinuated, while another roasted, "So we are soon expecting a documentary MY MIND AND ME." The two stars have been pitted against each other since 2018, as many Gomez fans are still not over the actress's break-up with longtime partner Justin Bieber.