Taco Bell's Chicken Wings Are Making A Return In Time For Super Bowl 2023

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so they say, and that certainly seems to have been the case with Taco Bell's crispy chicken wings. While chicken wings might not be the first thing you think when you think of the world's most famous burrito purveyors, they really are selling wings now, at least for a limited time. After they disappeared from menus last winter, fans have been craving the return of these bright orange wings and they're finally getting what they wish for, albeit for a limited time.

The wings, originally set to launch into Taco Bells on January 19, have had their release postponed to a later date, reportedly January 26 (per The Fast Food Post and Thrillist). The crispy chicken wings consist of five pieces of bone-in chicken fried to a crisp and doused in Mexican queso seasoning, all served up with a spicy ranch dipping sauce (via The Fast Food Post). According to Pitco, the demand for chicken wings is at an all-time high, making it the perfect time for Taco Bell to bring back the beloved finger food. 

While they may not be the young hot generation anymore, they still make up some 80 million consumers — millennials love chicken wings. According to Millennial Marketing, chicken wings may just be the ultimate millennial food, even more than an avocado toast recipe. They're shareable and participatory, apparently, two things millennials love in an experience.

Ain't no thing like a chicken wing, except a deal on chicken wings

Taco Bell's crispy chicken wings are available on their own retail for $6.99 this year, up a dollar from their price last year, reflecting the record food inflation and price crunches we've all been feeling over the past year (per The Fast Food Post). However, those looking to save a buck in bulk can purchase the Ultimate GameDay Box.

Starting Thursday, January 26, the fast food eatery will be offering this massive meal deal which includes one Mexican pizza, four crunchy tacos, and eight crispy chicken wings with dipping sauce for only $22 (per Thrillist). That's three more chicken wings than you get when you purchase the à la carte crispy chicken wing option, really rounding out the meal. This box is definitely big enough to share, and in case you're planning on doing so, you get two sides of spicy ranch dipping sauce with your purchase of the GameDay Box. 

The GameDay Box will be in stores until February 9, or while supplies last.