Why You Should Never Order Avocado Anything From Room Service

After a long day of driving or exploring the city, it feels pretty good to kick back in a hotel bed. It's even better when you don't have to worry about dinner, as room service is available to accommodate your needs. Unfortunately, this type of convenience doesn't come scot-free. There are several catches, including the extra cost associated with transporting your food down the hallway. "[Prices are] usually somewhat higher [than they are in the hotel's restaurant], plus they add a massive service charge and very often, a gratuity," says food critic John Mariani (via USA Today).

Food writer and restaurant critic Alexander Lobrano claims the higher prices can be attributed to "the fine print of service charges, tray charges, and other ways of making you pay for the pleasure of private dining." Labrano also states that much of the food allotted for room service is pre-prepared, so it's not as fresh as food ordered in the hotel restaurant. Another disadvantage of room service is not knowing what not to choose. But one of the worst things to order from hotel room service is avocado anything. Here's why:

Avocados brown within seconds

If you've tried avocados, you likely know how finicky avocados can be. According to Pure Wow, serving up foods with avocado is a difficult task, because the fruit begins to discolor within seconds after air exposure. By the time it's prepared and delivered to your room, it won't taste as good as a fresh one will. Due to this, you shouldn't expect the best results when ordering one from food service

And if you think ordering to your hotel from a food delivery app creates a loophole, you're wrong. Per Insider, Chef Joe Martinez understands the health benefits that could be drawing you to this superfood, but for reasons parallel to room service ordering, you're still better opting out. "...no matter how fresh [the avocados are] or how carefully you package avocados after peeling, they go brown very quickly and get smooshed in meal containers," he says. As suggested by Pure Wow, avocado toast should be exchanged with toast topped with nut butter, such as hazelnut. Of course, if you insist on avocado toast, consider trying an easy avocado toast recipe to make your own avo toast for busy mornings.