Frank's RedHot Teams Up With Fortnite For Food-Centric Game

You may be known to douse every meal you eat in hot sauce, but have you ever noticed the condiment in your bank account? This very reality became possible when Frank's RedHot Sauce arrived on the non-fungible token scene last year, according to Entrepreneur. Before the Super Bowl, the brand created Bonecoin — "its first-ever 'edible NFT,'" a form of cryptocurrency — as a tribute to buffalo chicken wings and the enjoyment they provide during football season. To participate, people could submit photos of their chicken wing bones online to earn Bonecoin.

Believe it or not, food NFTs are a normal part of modern-day food and beverage advertising, which has restaurants and other brands trying to capture digital audiences by ramping up their experiential marketing. That's why many restaurants are opening locations in the metaverse, using games like Fornite, as well as platforms such as Roblox, to attract customers to order food, sign up for loyalty programs, and more. Now, Frank's RedHot is once again entering the metaverse — this time setting its sights on Fortnite gamers.

Dodge the Flava and Climb Mt. Frank on Fortnite

According to a press release, Frank's RedHot has created its own Fortnite game called "The Floor is Flava," combining the words "lava" and "Frank's." It takes place on a chicken wing-shaped island dominated by a hot sauce-spewing volcano called Mt. Frank. Based on the nostalgic kids' game in which children avoid walking on a "lava-covered" floor, Fornite players must make their way up Mt. Frank without touching any of the hot "Flava" sauce. They will traverse various types of land, climb on statues that look like Super Bowl party foods, and launch hot sauce with grenades. 

To play "The Floor is Flava" when it launches on January 30, players can access a code at Don't have access to a gaming service? The brand hinted at a soon-to-be-announced "DoorDash promotion" in the press announcement, though it's unclear if this will only be for Fortnite players or hot sauce lovers at large. Leading up to the 2023 Super Bowl, fans can likely assume that Frank's will continue its trajectory of not paying for a game day commercial — but instead running a more internet-leaning campaign for a tech-savvy audience.