TikTok Is Unsure About Emily Mariko's Chili Baked Potato Recipe

October may be National Chili Month, but that doesn't mean you have to stop eating it once the spookiest month of the year comes to an end. The flavorful dish loaded with meat and beans (or solely meat, if you're eating Texas chili) can easily find a place on the menu at any point of the year. In fact, Wicked Local argues that summer is actually the best season for chili because it quickly activates our sweat glands and helps us cool down. While that may very well be true, it's also hard not to find comfort in a piping hot bowl of chili when the temperature outside is below freezing, which may explain why the pared-down version of National Chili Month — National Chili Day — falls on February 23.

In addition to being a suitable meal year-round, chili is also incredibly versatile, with one single batch lending itself to a number of other dishes after you indulge in that initial bowl. Earlier this month, TikToker Emily Mariko shared one way she goes about using up the leftovers of the comfort meal. In a video posted on January 13, the content creator is seen reheating chili on the stove, which is later revealed to be a topping for baked potatoes. But while the concept itself was one that many could get behind, Mariko's actual execution of the dish left some viewers unsure.

Some people thought Mariko's potatoes were undercooked

TikToker Emily Mariko practically broke the internet last Thanksgiving when she whipped up a pumpkin pie that many perceived as being raw. Recently, Mariko's cooking techniques were called into question once again after she shared a video in which she made baked potatoes topped with leftover. Some people seemed to think needed to be left in the oven for a little more time.

"Something tells me those potatoes weren't ready yet," TikTok user @tabiwabby wrote in the comments section of the January 13 upload. "Undercooked potatoes. We can't keep doing this Em," another quipped. Meanwhile, some TikTokers expressed concern with Mariko's decision to reheat the chili before putting her potatoes in the oven. "Ok but like I feel like the potatoes should've went first," @emcee0017 commented. "No way did those potatoes cook in the same time as it took to reheat chili though," said another commenter, who may actually have a point.

According to The Kitchn, baked potatoes take about an hour to make in the oven, while Greengos Cantina reports that chili can be reheated on the stove in just 15 minutes. It's possible that the confusion could simply be chalked up to Mariko's video editing decisions. However, that didn't stop a few TikTokers from coming to the influencer's defense. "Y'all need to let her eat the way she likes to eat, and the potatoes look fine," one user said.