TikTok Thinks Emily Mariko's Pumpkin Pie Is 'Raw'

It's hard to believe that it's been well over a year since Emily Mariko became a TikTok sensation because it feels like it was just yesterday that people became fixated on the viral salmon rice hack that helped launch her to stardom in September 2021 (via The Cut). The TikToker has amassed a massive following of more than 12.3 million people, and she tries to keep those peeps entertained with ASMR-style videos of her cooking just about everything under the sun. Mariko has demonstrated how to make things like soup, tea, and cookies, the latter of which she baked with the help of an unexpected guest. Last year, Mariko even took her followers along as she whipped up a massive Thanksgiving feast in a series of videos that have collectively earned upwards of 140 million views (via TikTok).

Mariko decided to take on the task once again this year, and since November 13, she has been sharing TikTok videos of her cooking many of the traditional components of the holiday meal. Just like last year, her Thanksgiving-themed posts have attracted millions of viewers. A clip of her making an entire turkey has garnared a whopping 10 million views, as of this writing. A video of her making and subsequently eating a pumpkin pie has been the second-most-popular installment of the series. Though, her pie might not look the way you'd expect.

Emily Mariko's pie has TikTok giving raw opinions

Emily Mariko's ice cube microwave trick may have been behind one of TikTok's biggest food trends. However, not every one of her cooking videos goes viral for the right reasons. Last December, one of Mariko's videos divided the internet about seasoning, and now, a series of posts showing her baking pumpkin pie is wreaking havoc on TikTok once again.

The questionable demo was done over the course of two videos shared on Mariko's TikTok page on November 19, with the final installment showing the blogger sitting down to indulge in the finished pastry. However, despite Mariko seeming to enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving dessert, her followers weren't quite as amused, as many noticed that the pie didn't appear to have been baked all the way through.

"Emily likes her pie just like she likes her steak. Still mooing," user souplessfish commented. "Babe wake up, Emily made pumpkin soup in a bread bowl," quipped beckalyn99. User _brixnv_ channeled Gordon Ramsay and wrote, "IT'S RAWW!!!" The criticism has even continued in the comments section of her most recent upload, where one person said they were "still not recovered after the pie." The concern makes sense, especially since Julie's Cafe Bakery says you can get sick from eating an undercooked pumpkin pie. Fortunately, this kitchen mishap has an easy fix, simply requiring a bit of extra time in the oven.