The Best Wine Aerators In 2023

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Wine is a complex drink. Full of various flavors and notes, there's a lot packed into those glass bottles, and there are just as many schools of thought on how it should be consumed. Some like to pop the cork and immediately pour a glass. Others like to let their wine breathe for a period of time, allowing it to open for a fuller aroma. Some people pick an approach bottle by bottle, using the vintage year as a guide.

While letting a bottle of wine breathe certainly has its advantages, there's one major drawback: time. Bottles can take hours to open to their full potential, and unless drinking wine is your main hobby, you probably aren't planning far enough in advance to open it at the proper time.

Fortunately, there are little devices called wine aerators that make popping and pouring possible while still allowing the wine to develop its peak taste and mouthfeel. Typically used when drinking red wine, an aerator is a relatively inexpensive accessory that almost always enhances the drinking experience. If you don't have one yet, you'll be ordering one by the time you finish reading this list.

How we chose these wine aerators

We take wine drinking just as seriously as the next person, so trust us, we didn't throw this list together haphazardly. This selection is the result of careful thought and is meant to reflect the various habits and preferences of wine drinkers. We considered price, value, quality, use, and more when selecting the best wine aerators of the year, and followed a careful process to arrive at our selections.

To begin, we considered how we drink wine. Do we solely serve ourselves and family members for intimate nights or do we serve friends when we're hosting larger parties? Is a pour spout preferable or are we partial to a decanter? Are electric aerators more useful than manual ones? After answering those questions, we zoomed in on categories and looked for the most outstanding wine aerator in each.

We ensured that each model offers high value and genuinely improves the quality of the wine rather than being a nuisance. As well, in order to solidify our list, we looked at user reviews to make sure those who have already purchased the product find value in it. So without further ado, here are the best wine aerators in 2023.

Best overall

No other wine aerator is going to please you this year quite like the one from Vinabon. Replete with a spill-proof spout and a built-in aeration system, this little gadget aerates your wine as it flows from the bottle. If you're more of a pop-and-pour than a decant-and-wait kind of person, it's the perfect addition to your wine paraphernalia. 

Easy to use and clean, this aerator from Vinabon adapts to fit any bottle, allowing even the smallest of bottles to become big wines. While many people comment that they have gifted it to the oenophile in their life, we're certain once you use it you'll be keeping it for yourself.

Take it from current customers — this will transform the taste of even the cheapest bottle of wine. "I was a little skeptical about this wine aerator, but it works wonders for any red wine, turning your typical $25 bottle into something special," one Amazon reviewer shared. With an affordable price and stellar results, this is an accessory worth having.

This wine aerator from Vinabon is available on Amazon for $20 as of January 2023.

Best affordable

Drinking wine is not a cheap hobby. From purchasing bottles, glasses, and decanters to taking tasting trips and joining clubs, there are myriad ways to spend thousands of dollars each year on the nectar. If you're looking to bring the costs down, check out this wine aerator from Aibrisk. 

For under $10, you get a quality piece of wine equipment that'll oxygenate your drink instantaneously, opening up even your most vintage bottles to high standards. If that weren't a good enough deal, Aibrisk sends a second aerator at no additional cost. For the same price, you can aerate two bottles simultaneously. What's not to love about that?

Per the reviewers on Amazon, this aerator duo is a great value for money, and as one simply put it: "These work exactly as they should, at a great price. No need to buy ridiculously expensive devices to do the same thing." It's not often you find a device that works so well for such an affordable price. If you love a good deal as much as you love good wine, don't hesitate to purchase this aerator. You'll thank us after the first sip.

Purchase an Aibrisk wine aerator for $6.69 from Amazon as of January 2023.

Best splurge

We love a bargain as much as the next person, but we're not above splurging on items that'll bring us unbridled happiness, like this aerator from Aervana. It's spendy but worth it, especially if you drink wine on a nightly basis (you know, for your health). As an electric pourer, this aerator sits in the spout of your bottle and instantly dispenses wine. Simply press on its top and you've got wine in your glass. It's perfect for hosting and equally useful for hobbyists who are drinking as a duo or trio.

While this product certainly isn't for everybody, if you're tempted to purchase it don't be skeptical. "Such an easy and effective device to make your wine crisp and served as it is intended to be! You will not regret this purchase," one Amazon consumer wrote. 

"The flavors were more open, and the tannins were completely softened. The wine was incredibly smooth and easy to drink. We didn't even have to wait for it to open up; it was ready to drink immediately," California Winery Advisor raved after using the aerator. Although it might cost more than most bottles in your collection, it'll have your wine tasting like a more expensive purchase in no time.

Get your own Aervana aerator from Amazon for $59.95 as of January 2023.

Best pour spout

Wine aerators come in many different formats. One isn't necessarily better than the others, but it's important to know how you'll be using the device before making a purchase. If you suspect you'll be pouring a glass within seconds of opening a bottle, a pour spout aerator is an excellent choice. These babies aerate as they pour, and this one from TenTen Labs has a spout that eliminates spills. Whether you're pouring for yourself or filling up a friend's glass, it will keep your space free from a dreaded wine stain. Its design is leak-proof too, so you don't have to worry about wine coming out from anywhere but the spout.

Plenty of customers are satisfied with their TenTen Labs aerators. "Love our new aerating spout — it's easy to use and saves time as the wine can breathe while going through the spout instead of having to sit for a while. Highly recommend!" one Amazon customer wrote. "No matter if you're a Pinot Noir lover, Cabernet Sauvignon stan, or just enjoy an inexpensive bottle of red wine, the TenTen Labs Aerator is a must-buy for a great glass of vino," Food & Wine reviewed. Available in three separate cork colors and under $20, this aerator will satisfy even the most discerning sommelier.

Purchase a two-pack of TenTen Labs aerators on Amazon for $16.95 as of January 2023.

Best decanter

If you're a self-proclaimed wine snob (or if someone else has declared you one), you might be hesitant to purchase an aerator and convinced it won't perform as well as a decanter. That's a legitimate concern. But if you're at all curious about the efficacy of the tool, perhaps a good compromise would be this decanter with a built-in aerator. 

This offering from S Juststart is a crystal carafe that naturally oxygenates wine with an aerating device at the top to help the process along. The design allows for maximum aeration, opening the wine as it's poured into the decanter, as it sits, and as it's poured into a glass. It'll aerate your wine so much, it might work too well for certain bottles.

Those who've used this decanter are fans. "It's a nice compact size, sturdy and the built-in filter is a favorite feature," one Amazon buyer noted. "Pouring it in and giving it a few swirls really enhanced the drinkability of fairly mediocre wine. It looks great and does the trick!" another consumer said. If you've got a bold red you've been dying to try, this is the aerator to use.

This decanter-aerator combo by S Juststart can be purchased on Amazon for $41.50 as of January 2023.

Best electric

What's the point of technology if we still have to do the work ourselves? We're only (sort of) kidding, but minimal effort is one of the chief reasons to love an electric aerator. Aside from improving the taste of wine, electric aerators make pouring a breeze, especially this one from Hiview, which comes with a spout and a control button. 

Pair it with an electric corkscrew and drinking wine will have never been easier. Available in two colorways, this electric aerator comes with a charging cord and hose replacements so the wine pouring never has to stop. "Works great! Definitely improves taste of everyday table wines. Very easy to use and clean," one Amazon reviewer said.

Even if you're not in the market for an aerator yourself, any electric wine accessory — especially this one — is a great gift. "I purchased this for my in laws for Christmas. They're avid wine drinkers and opened & cleaned this for immediate use. It was great! They loved it! They both said they could absolutely taste the difference and how enchanted the flavor was while using this!" one Amazon purchaser shared. On top of its functionality, this aerator is easy to clean and store, and it virtually eliminates spills. You can't ask for much more.

Get a Hiview electric aerator for $38.99 on Amazon as of January 2023.

Best with a stopper

What's better than a wine aerator? How about a wine aerator that you can travel with? While we aren't condoning any illegal activities, there are plenty of permissible ways to transport an open bottle of wine. Instead of plugging it up with the cork, simply use an aerator, like this one from Haley's Corker. 

It oxygenates the wine as it pours, and it comes with a cap to prevent spills while you're on the move. It can also keep your bottle safe as it sits on the counter. Whether you're particularly clumsy or just anxious about spills, this little gadget could be a real lifesaver.

The performance of these aerators has prompted hordes of wine lovers to sing their praises. "I use these wine toppers on almost every bottle of wine I open. They fit well, are easy to use, easy to clean, aerate and filter wine, and make it easy to store in the fridge. [...] Would highly recommend for anyone who enjoys wine!" one Amazon reviewer wrote. "Works Great. Love the constant aeration while pouring!" another noted (via KegWorks). Available for purchase in multiple quantities, these will aerate and filter, ensuring any wine you drink is at its prime.

Get a Haley's Corker aerator two-pack for as low as $11.99 on Amazon as of January 2023.

Best stir stick

Getting a headache from wine is a unique kind of torture. How can something so good make your head hurt so bad? It's a pain we wouldn't wish on anyone, but there is a cure for the curse and that is a stir stick from PureWine. These special sticks remove the sulfites and histamines that cause allergies and sensitivities to wine, allowing drinkers to enjoy a glass rather than feeling simultaneously tipsy and hungover. "I would always get flushing, stuffy nose then a wine headache. These wands work. No wine headache even on New Years when the wine was flowing," one satisfied customer noted.

Even if you aren't sensitive to wine, PureWine wands are still worth purchasing as they aerate wine too. They'll even bring new life to a bottle that was opened days ago. "These are absolute magic," another user shared. "No more headaches or feeling sick the next day [...] These make the wine taste so much better too!" they added. You'll also be glad to know you can purchase as many as 72 in a pack. That's 72 glasses of headache-free wine. Whether to avoid a headache or just improve the taste of your wine, we expect you'll be more than satisfied with this product.

Get your own PureWine wands on Amazon for as little as $29.99 for a pack of eight as of January 2023.

Best technology

Smartphones, smart watches, smart ... wine aerators? It seems unbelievable, but Winirina has given us what we didn't know we needed: a smart wine aerator. Sleek and beautiful, this aerator sits atop your bottle of wine and pours directly into your glass, oxygenating the beverage along the way. After an hour and a half of charging, you can turn the Winirina aerator on and off with a touch to pour. It's simple to operate and stunning to look at. (Wine bottles are already easy on the eyes, but if you're going to be using an aerator, one that's this attractive is more than welcome.)

The Winirina aerator illuminates red while it's charging and blue when it's ready for use, and a single charge can aerate up to 35 bottles of wine. Depending on how often you pop bottles, it could keep wine pouring for months. "It is literally fool proof and so freaking awesome. If you love good wine you will love this. [...] Worth every penny & especially if you can snag it on sale," a pleased customer wrote. 

"It's easy to use and clean and it is fun. This is perfect for a dinner party or any social gathering, or just having a glass or two of wine at home," another Amazon customer noted. Whatever your reason for getting it, this aerator is a wise purchase for fans of electric devices.

Get your Winirina aerator from Amazon for $39.99 as of January 2023.

Best design

Some wine aerators come with every feature you could want or need, such as the one made by Vinvoli. This device has a stellar design that will leave your wine tasting spectacular. Built to aerate your wine in three separate ways and filter it before it enters your glass, even the finest sediment won't make it into your mouth. It's also outfitted with a stand that prevents drips, keeping whatever surface you're drinking on free of wine stains. Functional and high-quality, you'll find that this aerator is just as easy to clean as it is to use, and you'll wonder why you didn't purchase one sooner.

The Vinvoli aerator works a little differently than other aerators on this list. Instead of nestling into the bottle, you hold the aerator while you pour the wine through it. It does take some careful handiwork to manage, but the taste of your wine will be worth any hiccups you might face while pouring. Plus, it functions just as well as aerators sold at a much higher price. "We had bought another brand and paid over three times as much and within a year and a half it cracked. This one does every bit as good a job as the more expensive one. I love the bubbles this creates as the wine is poured through it," an Amazon purchaser wrote.

You can get your own Vinvoli aerator for $19.97 on Amazon as of January 2023.