Trader Joe's New Pizza Seasoning Has The Internet Freaking Out

Shopping at Trader Joe's is a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon, wandering through the aisles to see what seasonal goodies have dropped. Trader Joe's is a specialty grocery store with 560 locations open across the U.S. (per ScrapeHero). The store is famous for its niche products; approachable employees; and wacky seasonings, like its popular Everything But The Bagel seasoning, which gained such a following that the chain expanded into EBTB seasoned Smoked Salmon and EBTB potato chips. Its famous take on chili crisp, known as "Chili Onion Crunch," which went viral on TikTok is another great example. People fell in love with the spice and extra punch of flavor that Chili Onion Crunch adds to a fried egg. 

It's fair to say that Trader Joe's research and development team knows a thing or two about crafting everyday flavors into mind-bendingly delicious seasonings. This month, the chain released a seasoning blend that is making its rounds on both TikTok and Instagram. Users say this new seasoning reminds them of a certain flavor of Pringles potato chips — in the best way, of course. So what exactly is this savory seasoning and how can we use it?

How to use Trader Joe's pizza seasoning

For as long as Trader Joe's has graced us with its presence, the grocery chain has managed to create foods so popular that they went on to develop cult followings. Its new Pizza Sprinkle Seasoning Blend is no different, as it seems like it might join the Everything But The Bagel seasoning in its spice hall of fame. While pizza seasoning may not be a new concept, Trader Joe's pizza seasoning is a unique take on the idea because of its overall execution, its potential for usage, and its low price point in comparison with its competitors at just $2.99 per bottle.

Trader Joe's Pizza Sprinkle Seasoning Blend contains just 10 ingredients: tomato powder, garlic, paprika, sea salt, rice concentrate, coriander, black pepper, dried parsley, oregano, and basil. Under an Instagram post by Traderjoesfoodreviews, lots of people have commented on some of the ways they've either used the pizza seasoning or are planning to use it once they can get their hands on a jar, and we are impressed with their creativity. One user commented, "I used it in a sausage, zucchini, and kale soup I made last night." On TikTok, users also had ideas for how to use TJ's pizza seasoning. "It's really good...specially on popcorn," noted one user. 

Itching to try it? Your best bet would be to get to Trader Joe's in person to see if it still has any jars in stock, seeing as how Trader Joe's will never sell anything online.