There's A Dave & Buster's Kimchi Renegade On The Loose Who Has A Demand

If you've spent even a little time in a Dave & Buster's, then you have to admit that a busy Dave & Buster's does seem like a place where anything could happen without being particularly noticed. All of those noises and flashing lights and throngs of people, most of which have been drinking, could cover just about any spectacle. And that's basically the message behind the TikTok account @daveandbusterboys, or at least what they're counting on.

The group's description says they shoot videos exclusively at Dave & Buster's, though they've recently branched out to try to ferment pickles in the similar chaos of Chuck E. Cheese. Past stunts include making a fake ransom video on the gaming floor, taking a mason jar of their dead friend's ashes (or what they purport to be ashes) for a turn through the adult arcade, and using the space as a gym. But it wasn't until a recent string of videos that the team really found its groove. They've been fermenting foods at the popular arcade.

Dave & Buster's: the perfect place to pickle?

The three-man team behind account @daveandbusterboys have finally found a winning recipe: cooking up a kimchi recipe at Dave & Buster's. While the boys' first video, in which they actually prepare the kimchi and initially plant it at an unsuspecting Dave & Buster's location, has taken some heat for not being the most authentic kimchi recipe, they do admit to that in the video and include a link to a more legit recipe for those looking to follow one. Part of what makes this stunt so bold that you want to keep watching is that kimchi has to be "burped" daily. Meaning a member of the team will have to return daily, subtly sneak out the jar and open it up to breathe. Every day. Which greatly increases their chances of getting caught and of the jar being found. And sadly for the more than 1.5 million viewers who tuned in to TikTok to watch, the team forgot a day and that's exactly what happened (via TikTok). When they went back, the jar was gone. Luckily, they had a backup jar ready to go. They also move the jar after each burping.

After three videos, Dave & Buster's slid into their DMs, saying "What can we do to make this all go away?" The boys were upfront about their demands. In another TikTok, all they wanted was the Dave & Buster's whiskey set. They were denied by management. They said Dave & Buster's agreed to their terms, but they have yet to see the set.