Duff Goldman's Little Sous Chef Is Melting Instagram

Duff Goldman is a skilled chef and baker whose creative mind has been behind a number of awe-inspiring treats. However, just like in most kitchens, the "Ace of Taste" star isn't whipping up those one-of-a-kind confections on his own. Foodies who have tuned into the baker on television may be familiar with Goldman's equally-as-talented team of bakers and cake artists who have helped him pull off some amazing cake creations over the years.

On the Food Network competition series "Buddy vs. Duff," for example, Goldman has with him his "right-hand man" Geof Manthorne, who also doubles as the Executive Chef at Goldman's bakery Charm City Cakes, as well as cake decorator Sonny Robinson, cake sculptor Natalie Sideserf, and cake artist Katherine St. Paul Hill (via Food Network). Meanwhile, on his discovery+ program "Duff's Happy Fun Bake Time," FoodSided reports that the baker with a rockstar background also has help from a crab named Edgar, a sloth named S'Later, and his robot sous chef, Couscous.

Needless to say, Goldman has plenty of extra hands available to help him pull off whatever it is he's been commissioned to make for work, but what about when the chef is making a meal at home? As it turns out, Goldman does, in fact, have a sous chef working with him at the homestead — and she's a pretty cute one, at that.

Instagrammers agree that Duff Goldman has the cutest sous chef

Professional bakers and chefs are often on their own when they're off the clock and making food at home, but not Duff Goldman. As seen in a post to his Instagram page, the Food Network star is fortunate enough to get some extra help when cooking at the homestead from his at-home sous chef: his daughter, Josephine.

The baker introduced his home kitchen assistant in a video shared on January 9 in which Goldman can be standing in front of the stove while holding Josephine in one arm. In his other hand, Goldman holds a small bowl of seasonings, which Josephine proceeds to add to a large pot on the stove in front of her, earning her a high-five from her dad. "My sous chef is cuter than yours," reads the caption.

In the comments section, several people seemed to agree with Goldman's sentiments, including Brazilian cake artist Ana Elisa Salinas. "For sure! I don't even have a sous chef!" she wrote. "You have me there she is cuter," another quipped. One Instagram user praised little Josephine's skills. "She's got the 'just a pinch' down perfect!" the Instagrammer commented, while user a fourth user claimed that Goldman's daughter "can already cook better than my husband!" Whether that's true or not, Josephine seems to be well on her way to becoming a talent in the kitchen just like her dad. Couscous, you may want to watch out!