The Festive Candy Hearts That Are Just For Friends Fans

The most polarizing Valentine's symbol is, without a doubt, the candy heart. Much like Ross and Rachel from "Friends," it has faced the pain of a breakup and the joy of making up. Take Sweethearts Conversation Hearts, for instance. With a taste that The Dallas Morning News compared to Tums, the texture of chalk, and enough sugar to make your teeth sing, these February 14 staples were treated like an affront to consumers' palates in 2010 when the formula changed (via The Washington Post). Fans had a change of heart after another formula update.

Also like Ross and Rachel, candy hearts have a story that spans many seasons. People have been delivering messages via the conversation heart since 1866. HuffPost explains that this is when America's Daniel Chase discovered a way to imprint words on candies. Of course, none of this would have been possible if his brother Oliver hadn't already devised the nation's first machine that could mass-produce candies. Stuckey's explains that the earliest message-laden confections featured lengthy lines like, "Why is a stylish girl like you a thrifty housekeeper?" and had an equally verbose response on the flip side: "Because she makes a big bustle about a little waist." They were pared down to well-known phrases like "Be mine," "Miss you," and "Hug me."

Now, fans of "Friends" can share the words of Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Joey, and Chandler with the objects of their affection.

Friends-themed conversation hearts come in six flavors

Yes, the wisdom of "Friends" has been immortalized in the form of candy conversation hearts. As People magazine explains, this collaboration between Brach's candy and Warner Bros. Discovery Consumer Products has captured the show's 26 most memorable catchphrases in "watermelon, strawberry, blueberry, pineapple, cherry, and orange." So what lines have been deemed candy-worthy? Elite Daily shares that messages include, "Pivot," "The 1 With," "On a Break," "Hand Twin," and "LBSTER," to name a few. And, of course, no collection would be complete without Joey's famous "How U Doin'?"

CNET, however, warns that "the printing is about as well thought out as Ross' plans to move a couch" and claims some look like they were stamped on by an "impatient 4-year-old." The outlet thought that the pineapple-flavored hearts tasted best, offering less-than-glowing reviews of several other flavors. On the flip side, when Instagram's Candy Hunting shared a photo of this Brach's release, many commenters were genuinely excited. One said that they had already polished off a bag with their daughter. Apparently, the "Friends" Valentine's conversation hearts can be polarizing like their traditional counterparts.