What, Exactly, Is A Fast Food Karen?

By now, the internet is home to several shocking videos of people referred to as "Karens," who display their demanding behavior so boldly that it's bound to make you laugh in most cases. The disappointing behavior in question can include belting opera-style notes outside of a bus, slapping the door in attempt to be let in, or even threatening to call the police on a pro skateboarder who was giving away gear to kids at a skate park. Despite the fact that Karens seem to be living in a completely separate reality from the rest of us, they've been around and well documented for a number of years. BBC detailed the history of the Karen meme, which has been around since the 2010s and is rooted in privileged women overreacting to "fictitious infringements."

Over the years, the internet has identified many sub-types of Karens. These include, but are not limited to, the Facebook Karen, grocery store Karen, and parking space Karen, to name a few. Another variety is one you're likely to find looming about your favorite fast food chains. Folks, we present to you the fast food Karen.

Hold onto your managers

Karens only have time for two things: tantrums and needless confrontation. This is why we often find Karens in fast food locations, because they want food and they want it NOW. Getting their food instantly isn't always good enough, however, as they want to be able to control every aspect of their fast food experience, leading to viral encounters that are really just so sad, like the Karen who started shouting at the airport because her sandwich didn't arrive quickly enough. Karens found in fast food environments, or anywhere for that matter, will create any excuse to argue that they are above the law and basic human decency. This false sense of entitlement imbues them with the strength to yell in employees' faces and knock over supplies on their way out, if they're feeling extra childish. 

Compared to the overzealous apartment building Karen who attempts to call the police on neighbors she doesn't want in her building, the fast food Karen is often the one provoking others to call the police. The Sonic Karen who left TikTok in shambles is a perfectly annoying example of this, as she tried to start a fight by barging into a Sonic location to put together her own order. Karens across the world never fail to surprise onlookers with their shameless antics, but fast food Karens always seem to outdo themselves just when you're hoping they'll quit. Take it from us, fast food Karens are as obnoxious as they get.