The Sonic Drive-Thru Karen Who Left TikTok In Shambles

Although the infamous Karen may show her face anywhere, her favorite places seem to be retail and fast food establishments. Needless to say, we've all heard a Karen story or two, whether she's demanding to speak to the manager or insisting that her order be refunded.

What's more, this type of customer seems to have not gotten the memo about things you should never do in a drive-thru. One McDonald's drive-thru Karen held up a busy line so her husband could cut in ahead. Another woman caused a Taco Bell drive-thru disaster when she refused to move her car after employees denied her service. A third woman pulled a similar trick in a Burger King drive-thru incident, holding up the line after other drivers wouldn't let her husband cut in. Apparently, it's just too much to ask to wait your turn.

Anyway, yet another Karen recently went viral for her own behavior at a Sonic drive-thru. If we're being honest, are we even surprised? As it turns out, TikTok was a little surprised by the situation, but not for the reason you'd expect.

It's Karen's way or – no, it's just Karen's way

Whether or not you've been to Sonic, you know the drill. You pull up, park, order, and wait for your food to be brought out to you. However, one Karen took things into her own hands, as shown in a TikTok captured by a Sonic employee.

Daily Dot explains that the customer entered an employees-only area in an attempt to place her order herself. Allegedly she had waited "eight minutes" the last time she visited Sonic. The manager told her to "get out," stating she wasn't allowed to be in there, to which the woman said she didn't care. She knocked a bag out of the manager's hands, leading other employees to step in.

Comments on the video were initially impressed, with many people saying, "He has to be a good manager for the employees to stick up for him." Someone else wrote, "My mom taught me never argue with someone preparing your food," while another person said, "These people don't get paid enough." Truly, Sonic employees do not get paid enough to deal with unruly diners.