The One Food You'll Never Find In Jennifer Aniston's Fridge

Admit it. At some point in your life, you've been curious about the diet of at least one celebrity. What they eat. What they don't eat. What they order at their favorite fast food restaurants. What's in their refrigerator. Maybe you've wondered these things about actress Jennifer Aniston.

In addition to her role as Rachel on "Friends," Aniston has gained a reputation over the years for her toned physique and healthy lifestyle. A YouTube search for "Jennifer Aniston diet" or "Jennifer Aniston fitness" reveals more than a dozen videos related to what she eats, topics like Aniston's favorite smoothie, and how she exercises.

She's shared some of her favorite workouts and diet details publicly in various interviews, including one with Yahoo! Food. The Oscar-nominated actress spoke with the lifestyle site and revealed some of her "healthy refrigerator staples" as well as the foods she "considers forbidden." Surprisingly, one of the foods you'll never find in her fridge is actually a nutritious item.

Jennifer Aniston is not a fan of this root vegetable

Just as you'd expect, Aniston told Yahoo! Food that she always has vegetables in her refrigerator, along with a head of lettuce, chicken, and hard-boiled eggs. But the one vegetable that you won't find hanging out with the other plants is beets. "Beets are not in our refrigerator. I'm not a fan," she said. She added that caviar is also on the list of foods she doesn't like.

So what is it about beets that Aniston dislikes so much? She didn't say during the interview, but she's certainly not the only one who's not a fan of this root vegetable. According to Just Beet It, beets contain an organic compound called geosmin that naturally has an earthy odor. Humans are pretty sensitive to this odor, so people who dislike that dirt smell are more likely to dislike the taste of beets. On the other hand, those who don't mind the smell don't mind the taste. Aniston appears to be in the first category.