Aldi Is Prioritizing Fresh Food With Its Brand New Distribution Center

The international grocery chain Aldi has been regarded as a budget-friendly supermarket, with it often being compared to Walmart (via Ramsey Solutions). It can be common for a cheaper store to get a reputation that it might sell subpar grocery products (for example, Marketwatch called Walmart "the most-hated retailer in America" in 2015). Though Aldi is often praised for its prices and inventory, there are also plenty of products one might not want to buy from Aldi, which includes common items like paper products, cereal, and fresh produce.

Aldi has been especially criticized for the inconsistency of its meat, and has even been protested by vegetable farmers in Ireland. However, there are moments where the German-based grocery chain has risen above its lower-tier image — it offers an expansive collection of winescarries some name brands, and even scored first place in Greenpeace's "tuna retailer scorecard" in 2021. And just recently, Aldi is taking a step to up its overall image as a grocery store and improve the quality of food for its customers in need — here's how.

Aldi's new facility is an investment in quality

Budget-minded shoppers may be pleased to hear that Aldi just opened its new headquarters and distribution center in Loxley, Alabama, which will have a focus on serving Gulf Coast shoppers (via PR Newswire). The Gulf Coast of the United States, which spans across Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas is home to over 300 Aldi stores, and nearly 100 of them will benefit from this new distribution center (via Aldi).

This new headquarters will house fresh stock and produce that will be delivered to Aldi stores in the area. By being centrally located near many Aldi locations, the Loxley facility will ensure that fruits and veggies are kept fresh and cheap when being transported for sale. Not only will the new installation help combat food deserts and cater to the 8 million plus customers in the region, but it will also create 200 jobs, since plenty of people will need to work at the facility. This new US investment will hopefully usher in a new era of quality and customer care at Aldi.