25% Of Starbucks Lovers Want This Discontinued Drink To Return- Mashed Survey

Nothing lasts forever — a phrase especially true for Starbucks fans as the brand frequently eliminates drinks from its lineup. Items have been disappearing from the menu since the coffee house's inception, one from as early as 2006. As reported by NBC News, a chocolate drink named the Chantico, meant to imitate a dessert in drink form, was pulled a year after its debut. "It was something that customers did like, but they wanted to be able to do something else with it," spokesman Alan Hilowitz said about the discontinuance.

Another defunct Starbucks drink was a holiday beverage that failed to stick as planned (via TODAY). After the Cherries Jubilee Mocha faced a seasonal trial a year prior, Starbucks decided it wouldn't be making its public debut on the menu. This concept is frequented in the fast service industry, as certain products are released to test markets before the decision to add them on permanently. The market is forever changing, so even items you think will remain sometimes become no longer. That's why here at Mashed we asked our readers which discontinued Starbucks drinks that need to make a comeback

The drink can still be custom made

We at Mashed have recently conducted a reader survey to ask which discontinued drink at Starbucks they're hoping to make a return. The top three favored beverages faced close competition, with Cold Brew with Dark Cocoa Almondmilk Foam coming out on top with 25.95% of votes. The Valencia Orange Refresher garnered 24.05% of votes, and the Unicorn Frappuccino rode in on its tail with 23.20% of readers preferring it. The contest dropped drastically for fourth and fifth place, which was the Zombie Frappuccino at 15.12% and the Chile Mocha at 11.68%.

Starbucks described the dairy-free drink as a traditional cold brew with mocha sauce, cocoa powder, and almond milk cold foam topping. Patrons on Reddit were outwardly disappointed with the Cold Brew with Dark Cocoa Almondmilk Foam's removal, asking other Starbucks fans how they could custom create the beverage in-store. "Will love u forever I miss this drink so much," the original poster added to their question. A self-identified Starbucks supervisor saved the day with a response. "Ask for a cold brew with cold foam. Ask for the cold foam to be made with almond milk and two pumps of mocha," they wrote.