Costco's Deal On Eggs Has TikTok Excited

If 2022 was the year of the rising gas prices, 2023's inflationary star would be eggs. Walmart almost broke the internet after a photo showing $27 eggs had Reddit in shambles. In general, grocery prices have steadily increased, which has even got celebrities like Cardi B speaking out. However, the sharp increase in eggs is particularly noteworthy given the relative stability in egg prices over the past 40 years (via Fox Business). A few factors are attributed to the recent rise, including increased soybean and corn costs, increased labor costs, and a severe bird flu outbreak. No matter the reason, the impact is hitting consumers' pockets hard. So, the excitement over Costco's new egg deal is easy to understand.

In a TikTok video by @costcohotfinds, a stunned shopper shares that Costco sells 24 organic, free-range eggs for only $7.29. That's drastically cheaper than shoppers may have expected and the response from users on TikTok exuded excitement.

Cheaper by the (two) dozen

When TikTok got wind of Costco's two dozen eggs deals, they flooded the post with responses. "Costco eggs are the best," exclaimed one user. And while the price in the video was just about $7, many users shared how their local Costco was even cheaper. "My Costco in North Texas, they were $5.99 per 2 dozen," said one user while another replied, "I just picked these up, and they were $6 at my Costco!" What better surprise than discovering a great deal is even better than you expected?

With such a relatively low-cost deal, sadly, many fans couldn't snag their eggs before they sold out. "Miami Costco has been out of those for two weeks," so one unlucky shopper. "Thanks for sharing! Now they're gone," said another unfortunate but grateful consumer.

Thankfully, people could make light-hearted jokes regardless of whether they secured eggs. "Eggs are the new rotisserie chicken at Costco. Come for the cheap eggs and leave with $200 in other things you didn't need, lol," jokes one fan. However, that customer may have a valid point. Be sure to check out your local Costco to satisfy your egg craving.