How To Repurpose Wine Glasses As Valentine's Day Cake Plates

Valentine's Day: love it or hate, it's here to stay. The red and pink everywhere, chocolate and flowers, silly cards, and overpriced prix fixe dinners mean you can't get a regular reservation at your favorite place. But, as many have already realized, Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers. It deserves to be a holiday celebrating all the people you love, and has been getting some much-needed rehabilitation in recent years (via The Daily Aztec). Valentine's Day is perfect for recognizing your warm feelings for friends and family members. It's tailor-made for anyone who likes having a day with themed desserts and decorations but who doesn't feel the need to spend it with just one other person, whether they're romantically involved or not. Having a party takes a lot of the pressure off of the holiday, and makes it more fun for more people. 

Candy remains the most popular Valentine's Day gift, which may account for the holiday's popularity among children — and dessert lovers (via Statista). The already chocolate-focused holiday also sees all sorts of red, pink, and heart-shaped items readily available in stores and bakeries. Red velvet cakes with rich layers of contrasting icing seem particularly on-brand, since they tap into both the colors and the flavors of the occasion. 

If you're looking for a clever party trick for serving up that beautiful cake in a way that highlights its layers and makes serving easier, look no further than your own glassware collection.

Who needs wine? Let's eat cake

Director Nancy Meyers recently shared a short video on Instagram of a hack that seems to have originated with TikTok user @TheRosePeriod (per People and Bustle). In it, she both cuts and serves her cake using wine glasses. You don't need a knife; just take a glass and push it all the way down into your cake until you've hit the bottom and the wine glass is full. Keep going with more glasses until you've served all your guests and the cake is gone (or whichever comes first).

It's more than just a cute trick: The clear glasses show off the cake's layers better than an opaque plate would, and using wine glasses gives it a festive touch. Plus, if you're trying to get your friends to mix and mingle, most people are used to holding a wine glass while standing so they won't immediately start looking for a chair if you serve them dessert in a festive glass. 

This is a perfect way to serve cake on Valentine's Day, but it's a useful strategy for lots of other holidays, too. Just one word of warning: While it's nice to eliminate the need for knives and dessert plates, we do recommend giving everyone a spoon. It's usually easier to love people when they're not stuffing their faces with their fingers (unless you're really into mukbang, that is).