The Best Wine Glasses Of 2022

Anything can be a wine glass — a coffee mug, your kid's sippy cup, a blender bottle, or no glass at all — if you put your mind to it or neglect to wash the dishes. However, the type of wine glass can greatly affect a wine's aromas and tasting notes. Typically, a key difference between white and red wine glasses is the bowl shape — delicate white wines are served in small-bowled glasses, while full-bodied red wines need more glass surface area to create a smoother tasting wine. Of course, there are exceptions where full-bodied white wines, like chardonnay, taste better in a glass with a larger bowl, or how delicate reds taste optimal in a special Bourgogne glass.

To stem or not to stem is also a key difference in wine glasses. Wine glasses with a longer stem are optimal for white wines to help keep the wine chilled, and red wines can benefit from a stemless wine glass for optimal swirling. Whether you're experimenting with orange wine, ice wines, or a new favorite box wine from Dollar General, make sure it's in the best kind of glass, and leave the coffee mug for a different kind of pick-me-up.

How we selected products

There were hundreds of different wine glasses to choose from when researching — some made from the finest crystal, and others kitschy enough to give you cringe sweats. It was important to look for mostly universal wine glasses that would pair with a variety of wine, while also keeping in mind wine glasses that would be best suited for white or red wines.

Certain qualities were kept in mind when perusing different wine glass options including bowl shape, stem, and thinness of the rim. We also kept in mind the durability and quality of the glass, as well as materials and maintenance that would suit a wide variety of occasions. When searching for the best wine glasses, we consulted company websites and blogs, as well as press reviews from bloggers and other established publications, and first-person reviews on Reddit and other websites. Plus, we drink a lot of wine, so that makes us experts, right?

Best Overall Wine Glass

It's possible to have one universal wine glass that's able to enhance the bubbliest of proseccos and the driest of reds. Justus Benjamin, a certified sommelier, told NBC News that Gabriel-Glas creates the "little black dress of wine glasses" with its self-proclaimed "one for all" wine glasses that are ideal for any variety or style of wine. CEO of Gabriel-Glas, Tempe Reichardt, told NBC News in a separate interview that they offer limited styles since "life is simpler with a universal glass," and varietal-specific glasses seem out-of-date for modern wine drinkers.

The company offers two styles of the universal wine glass — the StandArt and the Gold Edition. Weighing less than 3 ounces — almost half the weight of traditional wine glasses — the Gold Edition offers a weightless feel that's still durable, thanks to its wider base and tulip-like shape that acts as a gentle decanter. Both designs are made from dishwasher safe, lead-free crystal — no more hand polishing required. Paola Embry, wine director from Phoenix, Arizona, also told NBC that she recommended it as an affordable, everyday drinking glass that had all the major hits of a great wine glass — lightness, a thin rim, and a perfect bowl size for any wine.

Purchase a set of two Gabriel-Glas StandArt wine glasses on Amazon starting at $66.

Best Budget Wine Glass

For an everyday drinking experience, you don't need something fancy or high dollar — just a fancy looking wine glass that says "I didn't get these drinking glasses from a frat house." JoyJolt wine glasses achieve that four times over, with a set of four glasses costing less than the average single wine glass, making it the perfect housewarming gift for that one clumsy friend. Made in the Czech Republic from crystal, JoyJolt glasses are machine washable, timeless-looking, and available in multiple styles based on wine variety and personal taste, like these Disney wine glasses.

Best Views Reviews gave JoyJolt's wine glasses a perfect 10 across the board in terms of quality, price, and overall satisfaction, with the only con being its unstable base. Their glasses are also one of the top rated wine glasses on Amazon, with their stemless option having over 10,000 five-star reviews. The biggest pitfall of these glasses is their durability, with negative Amazon reviews explaining that they broke easily and were often broken upon delivery thanks to less-than-perfect packaging. However, they're cheap enough to replace, so that's a win.

Purchase a set of four JoyJolt Layla red wine glasses on Amazon starting at $28.95.

Best High-End Wine Glass

Josephinenhütte wine glasses are more than just an everyday wine glass — they're a labor-intensive work of art. In 2019, they released four exceptional Josephine wine glasses — a white, red, universal, and Champagne glass — designed by Kurt Josef Zalto, who studied and grew up at Zalto studios (like "the" Zalto wine glasses). Each glass is handcrafted in Zalto's workshop to create a "light and thin-walled ... delicate and yet robust" wine glass with a distinct, and signature kink in the glass to allow for an optimal, aromatic experience.

Aside from its unique beauty, it's also an award-winning glass; Josephinenhütte received the 2022 Red Dot Award for product design, and the 2022 "Iconic Award: Innovative Interior." In addition, in a 2021 Vinum Magazine sensory test, the universal Josephine No.2 wine glass was voted the best in terms of sensory quality compared to other wine glasses from Luigi Bormioli, Gabriel-Glas, and Zalto. If you can swing the $85 per glass price tag and hand washing responsibility, it's worth the sensory trip you'll take.

Josephinenhütte Josephine No. 1 wine glasses are available on Amazon starting at $85.

Best Red Wine Glass

Grassl creates a unique wine drinking experience for any type of wine, including light and full-bodied red wines. Each glass is designed in Switzerland and hand-crafted in Slovakia by glass-blowing artisans to create a seamless, curved bowl in different styles to enhance a variety of wines. Its two styles, the "Liberte" and "Cru," enhance the aromas and tastes of red wines and full-bodied whites with its large surface area, tapered walls, and narrow rim.

Fans rave about the brand's ability to transform wine tastings and bring out a wine's additional aromas. In a press review from Jamie Says, the author describes Grassl's wine glasses as being so light and delicate that they feel like plastic, and can easily shatter if you're not careful. In a side-by-side tasting, the Jaime Says author explains that she can taste more pronounced scents and flavors when drinking wine out of the Grassl glasses than competing wine glasses. On a Reddit thread about the best wine glasses, users praise Grassl for having a more natural shape and balance than the higher-priced Zalto, and for the easy dishwasher-safe maintenance and thin, quality crystal.

The Grassl Liberté wine glass is available on Amazon starting at $63.

Best White Wine Glass

Schott Zwiesel markets itself as the glass of professionals, with a focus on the functionality and aesthetics that are preferred by sommeliers, winemakers, and the hospitality industry. Many of the Zwiesel wine glasses receive top reviews on Amazon, like the Zwiesel Glas Pure Tritan Crystal Stemware, which averages  4.7 out of 5 stars with more than 3,000 reviews. 

But if you're looking for an option based on looks and price, you might want to opt for the brand's Sensa white wine glass. The flat-bottomed bowl offers a more unique look in stemware, although according to a press review from, it seems to be more elegant than functional, since it mutes some of the wine's aromas. Made from dishwasher-safe Sensa crystal, the stem is on the thicker side, making it a heavier glass. However, the $14 per glass price tag makes it an affordable, white wine-specific option with a standout look.

Buy the Schott Zwiesel Sensa white wine glass from Amazon starting at $14 per glass, or $84 for a set of six.

Best Stainless Steel Wine Glass

Stainless steel wine glasses are having a moment right now. With the release of Netflix's 2022 reality dating show, "The Ultimatum," fans are loving, and hating, the show's signature silver stainless steel wine glasses. Those who fall into the dating show rabbit hole can see the similarities from "Love is Blind," and its gold stainless steel wine glasses — the brightest stars seen in both shows. After much digging, Decider unearthed that Vonshef is the company that provided the wine glasses for "The Ultimatum" and "Love is Blind," but at the time of publication, the brand is sold out on every website and in every color.

However, Gusto Nostro provides everything needed for the dating show reenactment of your dreams. Shatterproof, BPA-free, and with a lifetime warranty, these wine goblets are available in five stylish colors — matte black, matte red, gold, rose gold, and silver — so your wine stays chilled and your love stays hot. Plus, each glass can fit over half a standard bottle of wine, so refills are few and far between.

Purchase a set of two Gusto Nostro stainless steel wine glasses for $33.99 on Amazon.

Best Plastic Wine Glass

Fortessa Tableware Solutions is changing and modernizing the plastic drinkware game — no more red solo cups (drinking games only) and faux crystal goblets. Their outdoor wine glasses are made of shatterproof and top rack dishwasher-safe Tritan copolyester, which is known for its durability, stiffness, and chemical resistance.

The Fortessa Tritan wine glasses go beyond in colors, ranging from rich hues like amber, yellow sun, terra cotta, and aqua, as well as neutrals like sage and clear. They also carry an extensive selection of varietal wine glasses ranging from a white sauvignon blanc glass to options for rich reds like cabernet sauvignon, as well as stemless glasses and Champagne flutes. Reviews on Food52's website say that the thin rim and natural feel had people second guessing that they were made of plastic.

Even though these plastic wine glasses are only available in cases of six, the bang is worth the buck, since six glasses costs as much as a single competitor's glass. Now, time to plan that outdoor (wine) kegger.

You can purchase a set of six Fortessa wine glasses on Food52 starting at $72.

Best Colored Wine Glass

CEO and founder of Estelle Colored Glass, Stephanie Hall, told the New York Times that the inspiration for her business began when she was looking for colored glass pieces for her home, and saw a limited range of modern colored glassware. Woman and BIPOC-owned, this not-so-small business was inspired by Hall's grandmother, Estelle, who nourished the founder's love of vintage glassware.

This company supersedes any prejudices you may have about vintage glassware. Each piece from Estelle Colored Glass is made by artisans in Poland with a "100-plus-year-old history," creating a unique jewel for every home that can be both modern, and passed down from generation to generation. Wine glasses come in stemless, Champagne, and tulip-shaped styles in a variety of beautiful jewel tones like fuschia, mint green, amethyst, and emerald green. Product reviews on Food52 mention not only the show-stopping colors, but also each glass' natural weight, durable materials, and thin rim — perfect for entertaining and adding a pop of color to any maximalist kitchen.

Purchase a set of six in mixed colors starting at $205 on the Estelle Colored Glass website.

Best Stemless Wine Glass

RIEDEL lives up to its prestigious name and legacy; they are credited for the creation of the varietal-specific wine glasses, and according to their website, "were the first in history to recognize that the taste and aroma of a beverage is affected by the shape of the vessel." Comments on a Reddit thread detailing the best wine glasses explained how RIEDEL wine glasses are a great starter when diving into your wine journey, especially their "O" wine tumblers.

RIEDEL's stemless wine glasses say goodbye to broken stems and wobbly bases, and are available in six lead-free crystal, variety-specific shapes and designs. Their most unique option — the swirl red wine glass — allows for optimal swirling without the stem. Its curved crimp in the middle allows the hand to comfortably swirl it while letting the wine aerate to unlock the hidden aromas. Most positive Amazon reviews favored its unique look, dishwasher-safe cleaning, and comfortable hand feel. However, some reviews explained that its quirky shape and small opening could be difficult to dry, but how can you say no to all its swirly fun?

Purchase a set of two RIEDEL swirl red wine glasses starting at $28 on Amazon.

Best Insulated Wine Glass

On a brutally hot day, the worst part about day drinking outside (besides the 5 p.m. hangover) is a warm drink ... especially a warm Champagne or oaky chardonnay. Corkcicle wine tumblers are the superior day drinking tool in your arsenal; with triple, stainless steel insulation, drinks are able to stay cool for over nine hours, and hot for three hours. Its flat sides, stay-put silicone bottom, and signature thumb imprint makes for easy handling, even when you get unsteady — even the clear lid is shatterproof and locks into place, so the bugs aren't drinking more than you are.

Plus, Corkcicle's designs are endless to fit anyone's personal style, from matte pastels and iridescent unicorn rainbows, to metallics, florals, and wood grains. They even collaborate with popular brands like Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Vineyard Vines, and Rifle Paper Co. to create a stronger sense of personal-branding for whatever pop culture phenomenon you love most. If you can look past the difficult-to-remove lid, they're worth the investment.

Purchase the Corkcicle stemless wine tumblers from Amazon starting at $21.99.

Best Humorous Wine Glass

The days of beer bongs at frat parties are over — now a more refined, and bougie party experience is here, taking the pressure off of sipping Champagne by chugging it through a funnel. Chambong is exactly what it sounds like — a champagne flute that resembles a beer bong, creating not just a glass, but a wine experience. After one or two (or three or four) shots from this newfangled flute, you'll certainly feel like the life of every wedding, bachelor party, baby shower, or business meeting you happen to be attending.

Chambongs are made of dishwasher-safe, shatter-proof acrylic or hand blown glass, depending on how rowdy or clumsy you'll get throughout the night. The brand also offer three sizes — 3, 6, and 8 ounce flutes — as well as a single, double, five or 50 pack (kind of a jump there). 

You can purchase Chambong wine shooters on Amazon starting at $29.99

Best Outdoor Wine Glass

Whether at the pool, beach, campsite, or on a snowy tundra, Beach Glass is more than its name. Beach Glass is made from BPA-free acrylic plastic that is both machine-washable, and reusable in order to eliminate unwanted waste at beaches and parks. Glasses included the original rounded beach glass in a multitude of vibrant, summery colors as well as the flat-bowled Caribbean glass.

Amazon reviews of the Beach Glass rave about the product's fun idea, giftability for those who love drinking outdoors, and durability in different terrains. Some reviewers were hesitant about the $10 price tag for the acrylic material it's made of, and the simple design. Other reviewers experienced shipping problems, and received incorrect items. These glasses may not feature the most groundbreaking aromatic technology, but they provide a fun, affordable, and unique drinking experience. The only other complaint — where are the sippy cup lids? Because sand in your drink is just disappointing.

Purchase The Beach Club wine glasses on Amazon starting at $10.99.

Best Aesthetically-Pleasing Wine Glass

Anthropologie's glassware and home decor is hard to beat when looking for Instagram-worthy gifts for yourself or the wanna-be influencer in your life. However, their Fiorella glassware collection is the fairy-core home decor for anyone's dream kitchen. Each set of four stemmed, stemless, or coupe wine glasses are made from imported crystalline glass embossed with gold filigree and flowers — like a fairytale in a glass — all you need is a sign on it that says "drink me."

Andréa McBride, co-founder of the largest Black-owned wine company in the U.S., McBride Sisters Collection Inc., told Thrillist that she recommends the Fiorella coupe glasses since their ornate detailing makes a "stunning addition to any tablescape," and would make for the perfect pour. Reviews on Anthropologie's website highlighted its high breakability and lightness, but were overall impressed by the craftsmanship and quality of the glass.

Buy the set of four Fiorella coupe glasses on the Anthropologie website starting at $64.