A Salad Sandwich Should Be The Next Social Media Food Trend

Social media has proven that anything you stick between bread can be a sandwich. One controversial recipe is the peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich, which drew mixed opinions from the internet (via TODAY). In an interview with the publication, Jodie Pottorff Mull admitted she enjoyed the sandwiches while growing up in the south. "A special treat was to add bananas as well as the mayo," she said. "However, I have never met anyone else who didn't make a face when I mentioned it."

When the concept was presented on Reddit, users were appalled. The thread, posted two years ago, read "I made a peanut-butter and mayonnaise sandwich as a joke and I'm deeply ashamed to admit it was delicious." People were quick to comment, writing, "You're a monster... Literally," and "Appreciate the honesty but I think it'd be best if you take this s–t to the grave you sick b—ard." Another sandwich is making its rounds on social media, though this one might not be as controversial.

Commenters were intrigued by the sandwich

Instagram users @stickaforkinme and @foodbeast shared a video of a salad sandwich creation. "Chicken Caesar Hoagie droppin' it like it's hot: Caesar Salad meet Chicken Cutlet, meet @oldgregspizza daily in-house fresh baked bread!" the caption began. It went on to name additional ingredients, such as pepperoncini, olive oil, and parmesan cheese. Unlike the response to the mayo and peanut butter sandwich, commenters seemed intrigued by this breaded masterpiece. "Well that's awesome!" wrote one user. Another was impressed by the ingredients and technique, writing, "No way I've never seen this before. The way they seasoned that lettuce. Amazing!!!"

The sandwich was created by Old Greg's Pizza, a restaurant housed in Miami, Florida. According to Yelp, the business was established in 2020 and has "funky, swamp vibes" and "an eclectic playlist." Reviews for the eatery are mostly good; a regular wrote "I've been to this place a few times and every single time it does not disappoint." Overall, it has a rating of four stars.