The Best Wooden Spoons In 2023

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Kitchen utensils are essential and arguably more important than most appliances. There are dozens of types, both necessary and unnecessary, made of different materials and used for a range of applications. You could spend days sifting through the options. But we're here to discuss a specific category of utensils, one every kitchen needs: wooden spoons. Wooden spoons have uses in the home that go far beyond the basics, assisting you in all of your cooking endeavors.

There are several varieties of wooden spoons, including plastic and metal counterparts available for purchase too. There are myriad benefits to wooden utensils, though: They're long-lasting, durable, easy to clean, and won't ruin non-stick pots and pans. While wooden utensils should never be put in the dishwasher and should be pre-treated with mineral oil for the best care, this is a small price to pay for their economic and ergonomic benefits. If you're in the market for a new wooden spoon, keep reading for a list of the best ones on the market in 2023.

How we chose wooden spoons

We have to say, it wasn't too difficult to make our selection. Although there are many options for wooden spoons, a lot of them don't meet the standards we have for our product recommendations. To begin, we determined the sought-after qualities topping our list to be durability, sturdiness, quality for price, functionality, and design. Barring extreme circumstances, wooden spoons that are properly cared for should last in your kitchen for the span of your life, and we ensured all our choices have that potential.

After outlining our parameters, we chose categories of wooden spoons that we want in our kitchens and know you do, too. We then rounded up our choices and carefully compared them to each other based on the prior qualities, using customer reviews as our final determinant before assigning a spoon to each superlative. After deliberate review, we're confident in this selection and know each one will be well-used and well-loved in your kitchen. Here are the best wooden spoons you can find on sale this year.

Best overall

We're not the only ones who think every kitchen needs a wooden spoon. If you enter any kitchen store in the United States, you're bound to find at least one option, and likely more. But out of all of those wooden spoons, the best you can purchase this year comes from KitchenAid. Made from bamboo, this spoon is a foot long and great for multiple uses in the kitchen. Whether stirring, basting, tossing, or serving, the KitchenAid wooden spoon will become your go-to. It's eco-friendly, easy to clean, and a great addition to your utensil collection.

The reviews of this spoon are solid, too. Customers have praised it for its sturdiness and neutral flavor (no one wants to taste wood when they're sampling a dish), and most buyers have marveled at the quality considering the price. One Amazon reviewer summed it up perfectly by writing, "This is one of those items that truly surprise you. The quality and sturdiness of this bamboo spoon is remarkable. And the price.. I didn't expect much... but was WOWED with what I received." Suitably sized, sustainable, and of superior quality, there's a lot to love about this wooden spoon.

Be wowed yourself by purchasing the KitchenAid bamboo basting spoon on Amazon for $5.99 as of February 2023.

Best splurge

As a whole, wooden spoons are reasonably priced, so calling one a splurge is a bit of a stretch, especially considering the price of many kitchen essentials. Compared to others, the Lancaster Cast Iron wooden spoon is a bit spendy, but it's by no means outrageously priced, making it a very attractive option if you want to purchase something higher-end without breaking the bank. 

This spoon is handmade from local wood sourced in Lancaster, Pennsylvania — you can choose from walnut, maple, or cherry — and it comes with a lifetime warranty. It's sleek and ergonomic, and it would make a fabulous gift for your favorite cook. As one reviewer noted, the spoon "Works perfectly for stirring everything I make. I love the quality of the wood and the way the handle fits in my hand."

The manufacturer recommends treating the spoon with mineral oil on occasion to help maintain its quality, but aside from that, this wooden spoon should be a staple in your kitchen for years to come. "It cost quite a bit more than regular wooden spoons, but you really do get what you pay for. I do not think I will have to ever replace this spoon," one customer shared in an Amazon review.

Purchase the Lancaster Cast Iron handmade wooden spoon for $33 on Amazon as of February 2023.

Best affordable

As noted, wooden spoons aren't generally a major purchase, but if you're looking for the ultimate steal without sacrificing quality, check out the wooden spoon set from BICB. These beechwood spoons come in a set of three and retail for just over $7, making the price per spoon less than $2.50. "Hard to get excited about wooden spoons, but they are exactly what I wanted them to be, not terribly expensive, and are just right. Great purchase," a satisfied Amazon user shared. With a long handle, a great shape, and a smooth surface, purchasing a set of these spoons is a no-brainer, especially considering the price.

We would be remiss not to mention once more how much we love the fact that these spoons come in a set of three. While we think every kitchen needs at least one wooden spoon, having multiple is ideal, and purchasing this set from BICB makes that ideal a reality in one fell and inexpensive swoop. "This fulfilled my expectation and need for simple, basic, sturdy, functional wooden spoons for stirring food in non-stick pots and pans. Perfect. No complaints," another pleased customer wrote. We expect you'll feel the same.

The BICB set of three long wooden spoons is available for $7.19 on Amazon as of February 2023.

Best slotted

Once you've satisfied your basic wooden spoon quota, you'll realize the magic of this simple tool and start looking for other options to fill your kitchen drawers. One such item is a slotted wooden spoon. Slotted spoons are excellent for serving and stirring food, and when your regular wooden spoon is dirty, they make a great substitute for tasting sauces or cooking in a pan. You might already have a slotted spoon made of metal or plastic, and if that's the case, you need a wooden version to complete your utensil collection.

We're partial to OXO's slotted spoon made of beechwood, which is both sturdy and dependable. Its slots are oblong in keeping with the shape of the bowl, and the handle includes a notch to hang it on a hook or thread a piece of string for easy storage. As one Amazon user noted, if you purchase one of these spoons, you're sure to have it for years to come. "This spoon continues to hold up well after a lot of use [...] The wood has not chipped or splintered over a lot of use too. Still using it in my sauce pan for casserole's [sic] and making sauces. The wood this was made from really holds up well," they wrote.

Get your own OXO Good Grips large wooden slotted spoon on Amazon for $6.95 as of February 2023.

Best turner

OXO does it again, but this time with its wooden turner. Though not technically a spoon, a wooden turner is similar enough, and on par with a spoon in terms of use and necessity in the kitchen. Like the OXO slotted spoon, the wooden turner is made of beechwood and is quite durable. You'll find yourself using this tool any time you're flipping something, and you might find it just as useful for scrambling eggs or making a stir-fry. 

We like this turner because of its shape; its bend is slight whereas spatulas can be dramatic. We like its handle too, which is thick enough to maintain a sufficient grip without being difficult to manage. And like all wooden utensils, this turner is perfect for use with delicate pots and pans. "Great product excellent for pan[s] you don't want to scratch," one Amazon reviewer noted.

OXO is known for manufacturing quality tools, and its turner is no exception. Bear in mind you might need to prep it before use. "My only complaint is that it was not pre-oiled. Raw wood. I oiled it with mineral oil and it soaked up a bunch of it. Quite pleased otherwise," a customer shared. If you can spare the time and oil, you'll find this utensil to be useful in your kitchen for decades to come.

OXO Good Grips wooden turners are available on Amazon for $7.95 as of February 2023.

Best set

If you can't decide which wooden utensil to purchase, save yourself the mental energy and buy a set, specifically this one from Riveira. This set of tools is awesome and complete. It includes a spoon, slotted spoon, turner, slotted turner, corner spoon, and spork, giving you everything you need to cook and serve food. The utensils are made of bamboo, making them durable and easy to clean. This set provides you with all the versatility you could ask for from your kitchen utensils, and their sleek design makes them a breeze to store but good-looking enough to keep displayed whether in countertop bins or hanging off your backsplash.

This bundle from Riveira boasts incredible reviews among users. "LOVE the lightweight sturdiness and look and feel of these items. Would definitely recommend to [anyone] looking to stock up an active kitchen," one Amazon buyer remarked. "I was so pleased with these wooden spoons. They were nicely packaged and they are of great quality. I have used them and they wash beautifully. I expect them to hold up for a very long time," another customer shared. Others have lauded these for their quality and affordability, and some even noted that they'd make a great gift. Whether purchasing for yourself or someone else, it's a worthwhile buy.

Purchase the Riveira six-piece bamboo utensil set on Amazon for $14.97 as of February 2023.

Best salad servers

If you serve salads with any regularity, you know that salad servers are especially handy. The spoon and spork combination just can't be beaten. What's up for debate, though, is the material best suited for the utensil duo. Some people prefer metal, others plastic. But if you're in the market for a wooden set, check out the AOOSY salad servers. 

These acacia wood tools are ergonomic and long-lasting, and they won't scratch whatever antique bowl you're using to serve your greens. Another perk of these tools is that they're incredibly useful independently. You can use both the spoon and the spork for other cooking and serving tasks, and they'll look beautiful doing so.

Take it from one happy customer, who highlights that these salad servers are top-notch: "Exactly what I was looking for. The wood is beautiful, the finish smooth and clean, the design simple and elegant. Most importantly, they are a perfect size for normal human beings to use. [...] These actually fit into my kitchen drawers and are ergonomically balanced for a real person. They do the job admirably. Highly recommend," the purchaser wrote. At such a great price for this winning product, you'll have to talk yourself out of buying this duo.

Get the AOOSY wooden salad servers for $14.99 on Amazon as of February 2023.

Best corner spoon

A corner spoon is an underrated cooking utensil. Its asymmetrical design makes it incredibly versatile, and any cook will tell you a functional kitchen tool is a worthwhile purchase. This year, we're most enamored with the FAAY corner spoon. This teak tool doesn't conduct heat, making it a dream for cooking hot foods. Not to mention, it's handmade, which is a treasured rarity in modern products. We also like this utensil by FAAY because it has two separate offerings: a corner spoon for your left hand and a corner spoon for your right. It's not often a leftie gets the option of such a quality tool that's suited to their preferred hand, and it's always a welcome surprise.

"Gorgeous wood and substantial weight. Nice angle for pan scraping. Gave as a gift to a person who enjoys cooking and it was a huge hit. Great price for how nice it is!" one reviewer noted. "Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship! Smooth. Perfect size. Well balanced. Hang to dry. Great price! Ordering more," another consumer added. Craftsmanship is hard to come by these days, but FAAY makes it the standard. You won't be able to find a better wooden corner spoon than this one.

You can buy your own FAAY teak wooden utensil on Amazon for $10.99 as of February 2023.

Best ladle

Although the end of soup season is in sight, there's still plenty of time left in 2023 to use a wooden ladle. FJNATINH makes a fantastic one, and it's just as functional as it is beautiful. This piece of equipment isn't quite a foot long, but it's still long enough to scoop into your deepest pots. The bowl is deep enough to serve a cup of soup in just a few pours, and it would work just as well for serving drinks out of a wide bowl. The wood used to carve out this ladle is from the beech family, so you can expect a sturdy utensil that'll last. "What I was looking for for broths, soups, beans, large and very comfortable," a customer reviewed.

As with all wooden spoons, this ladle is recommended for hand wash. However, as one purchaser pointed out, it may be able to survive some spins in the dishwasher (though we do not formally endorse that choice). "Well made, nice looking, and perfect for our needs. Has been hand washed and also in the top rack of the dishwasher a number of times with no noticeable effect," the customer wrote. If anything, the product's time in the dishwasher speaks to its durability. It's really an excellent product.

This wooden ladle by FJNATINH is available on Amazon for $15.99 as of February 2023.

Best customizable

Now that you have a wooden turner, ladle, slotted spoon, and salad serving set, it's time to get yourself a personalized wooden spoon, like the one from Hat Shark. No, this purchase is not absolutely necessary, but at such a reasonable price, why not treat yourself or a loved one to a personalized wooden spoon? This Hat Shark product uses a 3D laser to engrave custom text into the handle. Whether you want your name, a nickname, a cheeky phrase, or a special wish, it can be etched onto the spoon for eternity, just so long as you don't exceed the character restriction.

In addition to the personalization feature, this wooden spoon works well for its primary purpose. It's sturdy and a great size, and you'll find it useful for both cooking and baking. Be extra fastidious when it comes to cleaning this though, as food and oil could get stuck in the grooves of the text. Aside from that, you can treat it just as you would any other wooden spoon. Per one buyer: "The spoon itself seems to be high quality; sturdy and slightly bulkier than standard wooden spoons, which I really like. The engraving is beautiful; clear and easy to read due to a darkening of the font."

Buy your own Hat Shark customized 3D laser engraved wooden spoon on Amazon for $19.99 as of February 2023.

Best design

If personalization isn't your thing, perhaps you'll be pleased with the Baltique wooden spoon, arguably the most beautiful wooden spoon on the market. This utensil features a unique design that makes it stand out from its competitors. It's as functional as it is beautiful, making it pop out even more. "This spoon is so beautiful. Great weight. The color [is] amazing. Beautifully made. Great quality," a customer shared. Baltique makes other wooden utensils using this signature design, and each one works wonderfully — a testament to the company's quality.

Unlike many other wooden utensils, this is made from birch wood. Birch is a fantastic material to use because it doesn't rot nearly as quickly as other types of wood, and it's receptive to staining, so you can expect this spoon's design to remain vibrant for many years. "This is gorgeous, just like in the photos! I love it!" another reviewer wrote. 

Not only is the aesthetic design beautiful, but its functional design is also great. The bowl of the spoon is a good shape, and it's the perfect depth for various cooking needs. Furthermore, it's sturdy and won't scratch your pots and pans, and it'll fit nicely in your hand. You won't find another spoon that's this pretty and this useful.

Get a Baltique Marrakesh collection wooden spoon on Amazon for $11.99 as of February 2023.